Splash Your Way Into The Weekend With THIS Underwater Festival!

Splash Your Way Into The Weekend With THIS Underwater Festival!

Whether you know how to swim or not, there’s a great festival that allows you to enjoy being in water regardless of your swimming skills. After its debut in 2016, the second edition of the Underwater Festival in India is back with a splash, and here’s everything you need to know about the extravaganza!

What’s happening?

Pioneered by the founders of FinKick, who believe in opening up the world of SCUBA to as many people as possible, the Underwater Festival brings you one step closer to serene underwater life. It gives you a chance to experience fun activities and sports, all with the guidance of experts and instructors.

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Who should come to an underwater festival?

The main idea behind this festival is of inclusion, as it caters to both swimmers and non-swimmers, including those with disabilities; proving the underwater world is a universal equaliser that doesn’t leave room for discrimination.

The second thought behind it is to spread awareness about our oceans and educate marine enthusiasts about the stunning ecosystem that has the potential to thrive if we take positive steps towards its conservation.

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What to expect when you get there?

Meet conservationists, photographers, and instructors who will be sharing their stories and giving expert advice on what we can all do to make our oceans a better place.

The underwater zone gives you an opportunity to ace an Underwater Obstacle Course, and try your hand at Underwater Hockey, among other exciting activities.

The on-ground zone will give you access to become a part of underwater photography exhibitions and the exciting prospect of slacklining and waterlining with your favourite professional athletes.

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Not convinced? Check out the official after-movie of the Mumbai Underwater Festival held in May 2017!

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Give me the details!

Where: Finkick Adventures SCUBA Diving Center, Divisional Sports Complex Swimming Pool, Yerawada, Pune

When: 10 September 2017

Age: Minimum age is 10. For over 45 years of age, a signed medical certificate is necessary.

Tickets: Priced at Rs 2,750. You can get them here.

For more information and details about the event, take a look at Underwater Festival Pune

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