9 *Useful* Tips To Add Volume To Thin Hair Just In Time For Your Wedding!

9 *Useful* Tips To Add Volume To Thin Hair Just In Time For Your Wedding!

We know how troubling it is to run your fingers through your tresses and find clumps of knotted strands to your utter frustration! It is true, people tend to take hair loss and thinning for granted. Things get worse when a special occasion arrives, and hell, if it’s your shaadi, you better act now!  We advise you take some time off your busy schedule and take good care of your mane and bring back its lost glory. Here are some amazing tips to ward off weak and thinning hair, once and for all!

1. Try and figure out the cause

More often that not, hair loss and thinning is caused by stress and lifestyle choices such as diet, water intake, among others. And if it is your wedding, you are bound to be under a lot of pressure which can definitely aggravate it. Figure out if that’s the case with you and then decide a plan of action. If you think it’s not the stress, you should consider medical consultation.

2. Use gentle hair products

Harsh hair products strip your hair of its natural oils, thus making them lose all their shine in the long run. Try and use more natural products such as paraben and sulphate free shampoos to avoid breakage. For a natural remedy, baking soda mixed along with your shampoo also works wonders.

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3. Comb gently instead of brushing your hair

3 thinning hair combing the hair

Combing your hair is better than brushing them, especially when your hair is thin and weak. Combing them also helps regulating the blood circulation in the scalp, thus boosting hair growth. Brushing vigorously can damage the hair shaft, thus weakening the hair roots even further.

Use this wide-toothed wooden comb from Roots, which you can easily get on Nykaa for just Rs 113. We bet, you will notice the difference!

4. Avoid hot showers

Just like with harsh chemicals, hot water also strips the skin of all moisture and makes it dry. A dry scalp facilitates hair breakage, so it is better to avoid it completely! If you really can’t, consider washing your hair with lukewarm water instead.

5. Let it air dry

After you’re done washing them, do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel. Also, avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer; let it air dry instead! The added heat will only make it brittle, resulting it to break even more.

Use a dryer on the lowest setting to avoid breakage. We know that the Philips hair dryer is perfect for this purpose! Get it on Nykaa for Rs 1,695!

6. Use heat-free styling techniques

6 thinning hair gorgeous brown hair

Trust us, there are plenty of such techniques available! You should try styling your hair with  minimum amount of heat as possible. Excess heat is bad for the hair, and  also dulls its shine.

7. Avoid hairstyles that pull on your hair

Hairstyles that pull on your hair will obviously make them break easily. Tight hair bands and elastic will aggravate hair loss, so avoid them. Wear your hair down or pull them together loosely with a clutcher.

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8. Massage your scalp with a natural oil

Natural oils such as almond, coconut, castor or olive oil are a boon to thin hair. They not only strengthen and nourish your mane, but also add shine and volume to it. Massage your hair at night, tie them with a loose, soft elastic and wash your hair with a mild shampoo the next morning. Do it twice or thrice a week, and you’ll be able to see a visible difference!

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9. Make lifestyle changes

9 thinning hair healthy diet

No matter how well your hair products are, if you are stressed and have bad eating habits, then it can be lethal. We know that stress is an unavoidable factor during wedding preparations, but try and lower it as much as possible. Keep a check on your diet, keep it light, healthy and full of nutrients, and you will definitely notice a positive change in your locks.

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