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#PuckerUp: 7 Tricks To Be A Better Kisser… Instantly!

#PuckerUp: 7 Tricks To Be A Better Kisser… Instantly!

May it be the shy nervousness of a first kiss, or a passionate lovers’ lip-locked embrace, kissing our loved one is a feeling we can lose ourselves in, forever. Here are our best tricks that you can use to be a better kisser and nail that perfect smooch!

1. Soften and gloss those beauties

Nobody likes kissing sandpaper, girls! It’s always wise to moisturize those pouts and give them that glossy shine, even when you’re working at your desk and not doing much else. It’s a proven fact that the key to the perfect snog, is a pair of luscious lips!

Get fabulously soft lips and be kiss ready with this Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (Rs.153)

1 better kisser - lip gloss

2. Avoid smelly food like the plague!

Kissing someone who has bad breath is what nightmares are made of! Stay a mile away from garlic, onion, coffee, and even alcohol, to avoid grossing out your partner with dry mouths and nasty odour-causing bacteria!

Don’t shy away from making the first move and breathe easy with this Spraymintt Mouth Freshener (Rs. 170)

3. Have good scents!

Even science can back you up on this one! Always smell your very best when you’re deciding to get the romance kindling. Be sure you don’t overdo it and bathe yourself in perfume to suffocate those around you with your scent!

Raise your sensual confidence and invest in a long-lasting fragrance like this Arabian Nights Afnan Bludelic Perfume (Rs. 1,349)

3 better kisser - perfume

4. Get the mood going *wink*

The ambience is a major factor when it comes to the perfect kiss, and you can make it work for you with some soft jazz or a smooth blues track that can relax the two of you and get your body grooving to all those good vibes.

Set the perfect ambience and invite your bae to some sexy dancing at home with this stunning Sony Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker (Rs, 3,590)

5. Give your hair some serious pampering

While it’s not the first thought that you have, it certainly pays to have beautiful locks of hair to slip your fingers into, when sexual desires come knocking. Don’t lose out on some loving with a greasy or frizzy mane, my friend!

You won’t have to worry about tangled tresses anymore with the Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush (Rs, 1,190)

5 better kisser - playing with hair

6. Pay attention to decor

Have the place to yourself and don’t know how to make the move? The quickest and the most effective way to hint at the opportunity of romance is mood lighting. Soft yellow hues and romantic candle light can work wonders for a sizzling kiss or two.

Make your abode comfy, as you take a pick from these beautiful Maxime Marble Pillar Candle Sets (Rs. 499)

7. Get your lips popping with colour!

This is where you make a beeline for your boldest and brightest lip colours and flaunt those inviting shades for your man. Women swear by the classic red lip and have admitted to getting a lot of attention from their partners when they don the fiery confidence and lean in for the kiss.

Party like a princess and slay like a queen with this bold Rimmel Moisture Renew  Diva Red Lipstick (Rs. 1,403)

7 better kisser - red lips

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