11 Times Our Bras Were Savage AF

11 Times Our Bras Were Savage AF

We know, we know it’s so important to wear bras for the most part of our day. They support our boobs, keeps them shapely and in place. But what about the times when bras turn into savage creatures? From pokey underwires to suffocation on bloaty days, here are 11 moments when we see our bras like avatars of Satan. If we could talk back to them, this is what we’d say!

1. When they poked us with their underwire

“Come on, what is with the wrath? Just go ahead and slit me open with a knife instead if being so sneaky about it”

2. When the hook just snapped

“I couldn’t have possibly gained weight in a day!”

Say bye bye to all the bra hook problems by getting this brassiere (Rs 374) from Pretty Secrets.

3. When the strap got all twisted and gave us bruises

“God knows I have treated you well, what did I even do to deserve this torture?”

3 bras were savage - bra strap

4. When the cups try to suffocate our boobs during our period

“OMG! You just didn’t. Somebody call 911.”

5. When the strapless ones just dig deep into your skin leaving a raw red circumference

“Heartless is the word for you!”

6. When the padded ones create a mini-sauna around the boobs, leaving us all hot and sweaty

“This isn’t the kind of hot and sweaty that I was looking for!”

Tired of padded bras in the summer heat? You should order this super comfy 6-strap bra (Rs 289) with removable straps.

6 bras were savage - sweat

7. When the sports bra gives us away on winter days (hint: perkiness)

“And I thought we were friends…”

Love them, hate them you definitely can’t do without them! So, why not order a pair of super stylish sports bra (Rs 1,150) for your workout sessions.

8. When the strap keeps riding up the back

“If you have a problem with me, just say it. You can’t possibly keep running away every time I try to confront you.”

This oh-so-sexy black lace bralette (Rs 397) is going to free you from this issue once and for all.

9. When you squash my boobs together at the centre

“I think you’re taking Hum Saath Saath Hai  ideology to a whole new level”

9 bras were savage - monica friends

10. When they just can’t contain your boobs causing them to spill out

“That’s it. I seriously need some space.”

Our recommendation is to go for this full coverage deep support bra (Rs 1,866) that would end all your spillage woes.

11. When the straps keep slipping off your shoulders even after you’ve adjusted them

“I think we need to talk about your slippery, unreliable character…it’s not me, it’s you.”

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