8 Thoughts Girls Have When We Miss Our Mom’s Calls!

8 Thoughts Girls Have When We Miss Our Mom’s Calls!

I am in my mid-twenties, living with my parents and even today, missed calls from my mother send a panic attack through my body. The last time I was unavailable for 3 hours because I was at a party and couldn’t hear my phone ring, my mom sent my brother-in-law looking for me, you know what I mean? Even if your mom isn’t as extremely protective as mine, you just can’t ignore missed calls from your mother. Here are a few thoughts every girl has when she misses her mom’s calls!

1. Oh NO! Now I have to brace myself for another round of ‘why don’t you ever answer my calls?’

For some reason ‘I didn’t hear my phone’ is just not logical to my mom.

1 miss our moms calls - dostana maa da ladla

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2. Wait, was I supposed to do something and I forgot?

*goes through mental checklist*

3. She probably thinks I got kidnapped or lost my phone!

Your mother jumps to the most random conclusions. Not that you can blame her, have you had a look at the news lately?!

3 miss our moms calls - mission impossible jeremy renner

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4. Is it to ask me what I want to eat for dinner?

If yes, I should probably call her and tell her rajma chawal!

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5. I hope she hasn’t already called my friends!

Worse yet, I hope they didn’t pick up!

5 miss our moms calls - barney stinson saying no himym

6. I am sure her detective mode is on…

Mother Sherlock reporting to duty!

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7. Dad’s calling too? I bet mom asked him to!

The one time your parents will definitely get along is when you’re not answering your calls, you can count on that!

7 miss our moms calls - aamir khan dil chahta hai

8. But wait, I hope she is okay!

Missed calls from mom only result in frantic calls back because to be honest, you just did a bit of overthinking too!

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