13 Thoughts Every Single Girl Has At A Shaadi - So Relatable!

13 Thoughts Every Single Girl Has At A Shaadi - So Relatable!

As a single girl this is your daily routine - You wake up, go to work, come back home, chill for a while and go to sleep. Apart from this, you may not have any major concerns in life. And, guess what… you’re content with it! You’re single, so you don’t really have to worry about going out with your guy, or fights or anything. In short, life’s pretty cool for you. But then comes a wedding invitation, and one that you can’t miss going to. At the wedding, your mind breaks into a total frenzy and is flooded with funny and bizarre thoughts. Don’t act as if you haven’t had any of these crazy thoughts that every single Indian girl has at weddings! Read on to see how many you’ve had, and be honest!

1. ‘Where do you find normal guys to get married to?’

I’m asking myself the same question!

2. ‘Oh! The groom’s cousin is really cute! Bet he has a girlfriend…’

You could always try your luck, though!

3. ‘Why is everyone I know getting married so soon? Or wait, am I old already?’

*Sulking in a corner*

3-single Indian girl-kareena kapoor

4. ‘I hope mom and dad haven’t fixed up an impromptu rishta meeting at this wedding!’

Totally possible girl, totally possible!

5. ‘I’m not gonna wear red on my wedding, I’ll try beige or golden!’

They are the *in* colours this season!

6. ‘Can I sneak a drink with my parents around? Come on, they won’t see me, it’s a jam-packed wedding!’

If they see you, then you always get away by saying it’s a mocktail.

7. ‘Which reminds me, kitna kharcha kiya hai inhone shaadi pe!’ *stuffs face with paneer tikka*

Just how rich are people???

7-single Indian girl-parineeti eating

8. ‘The groom isn’t as good looking as the bride! My guy should be good looking too! That sounds vain, but who cares, he should be!’

Because you want to flaunt him around, right?

9. ‘Planning a wedding is a task! Who will do so much hard work for just one day?’

But in the end, it’s all worth it!

10. ‘That creepy looking guy is totes checking me out, wait, he’s kinda good-looking!’

Wishful thinking, much?

11. ‘Do I look good enough for a cute guy to notice me? *sees a girl walk by in a Manish Malhotra lehenga* Well, there goes my chance!’

It could very well be a first copy!

11-single Indian girl-sad girl

12. ‘I think I should download Tinder finally!’

Yes, yes, you could do that!

13. No man! Just not my thing.. I’m happy being single!

Or, maybe not!

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