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This Teacher’s Day Video Will Make You Wish You Were In School Again!

Nancy B. Varghese

Travel Writer

If you are here, reading these words, you know you have a teacher to be thankful for.

They are diligent caretakers of our minds who nurture the seeds of our ideas and watch them blossom into towering fortresses of knowledge. Even now, when you think of your favourite teachers, words like: kind, compassionate, and warmth fill you up with happiness. Teachers have slowly grown from parent figures to close friends in our lives as we’ve grown up, giving us life lessons to be eternally grateful for!

It’s easy to forget that even teachers have had their bouts of nervousness and apprehensions when they first entered their classrooms - full of self-doubt and constant worry of being good enough for their kids. It’s a fine balance between being a student’s mentor and a friend; one that teachers expertly learn to juggle.

Somewhere between flinging chalk pieces at our heads to shut us up to listening to our endless problems, our teachers became family in our home away from home.

Keeping this generosity of spirit in our hearts, here is our most heartfelt dedication to all the teachers in our lives that have believed in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. They showed us the right way to conquer obstacles, one lousy mid-term exam at a time!

Do remember to share the video with all the amazing teachers, to thank them for being such a huge part of your life!

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Published on Sep 05, 2017
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