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I Didn’t Know I Could Do THIS On Instagram Until Today!

I Didn’t Know I Could Do THIS On Instagram Until Today!

The first thing I have always done after returning from any vacation is give my best friend a very tight hug. The second, however, has been to tell her what all I did and how much I missed her! Even though I bombard her with minute by minute information of what was happening on the vacation (don’t judge because that’s what best friends do) I still make sure she knows every tiny detail when I get back. So, while I was catching up with her this time, I found out some things that, I thought, every social-media-loving girl should definitely know! Here is how our conversation went:

Me: OMG! I am SO happy to see you. I wish you were there too! :(

Bestie: Ah! You’re back. Now we can gossip about that girl Rohan (my ex) has been seeing! BTW, tell me EVERYTHING that I’ve missed out on!

Me: You have not really missed out on anything because you were practically travelling with me on Instagram.

Bestie: That’s true. Okay now show me all the pictures?

Me: Yeah. Go ahead, this is where it starts! These are the ones I haven’t posted anywhere yet

*I handed over my phone to her*

Bestie: Dude! This is the post-breakup body picture you took, right? You look ah-mazing!!

know about instagram inside

Me: Yeah, man I feel great after the vacation. Infact, if he gets to see how much fun I had and how great I felt about myself, it will just be a cherry on top! *Smug*

But I still haven’t uploaded it yet. (Sigh!)

Bestie: But why? This should have been your first upload from the vacation!

Me: Yeah but you know I was not too sure because I am wearing a bikini and I don’t know if that’s something I want online. On the contrary, it is an awesome picture. Damn, I’m confused. But you know what I mean, right?

Bestie: I always know what you mean but do you know that this could possibly be your ultimate post!! Also, let me help you with a few things that I am pretty sure you don’t know.

Me: Really?

Bestie: Well, did you know that you could actually make your profile private after you’ve made it public and your followers will not be affected by it AT ALL? So, Rohan can still see that picture! *Wink*

Me: That’s interesting but what can I do to keep it public yet not entertain any unwanted comments?

Bestie: That’s simple too – click on the three dots on the top right of that post, and you can turn comments off for that post! If you still want people to comment, but find offensive comments on that post – you can report and delete those comments as well. Instagram takes reporting very seriously! Oh and you would love this - you can also share some stories personally with some people like a direct message… But please don’t do that with Rohan!

Me: Yeah man, obviously! *Rolling eyes* Okay, is there any other security feature that I have missed out on?

Bestie: You obviously don’t know about the two-factor authentication, do you? So, if you enable this feature, Instagram lets you know every time someone tries to log in on a different device. It really can’t get any safer than this you see?

Me: OMG! I knew there was a reason I kept you around!

Bestie: Oye! Anyway, shut up and let’s think of an awesome caption for this now! *Hugs*

While I got some InstaGyaan that day, I also posted that awesome photo of myself and guess what? He messaged. I ignored it, because honestly? I really don’t care what he thinks, but you know what? Mission accomplished! *Wink*

If you too have any questions or want to learn more, make sure to visit, a microsite dedicated to all the things that help keep Instagram safe, supportive and positive!

Happy gramming!

*This post is in collaboration with Instagram.

Published on Sep 4, 2017
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