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10 *Biggest* Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Applying Lipcolour

10 *Biggest* Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Applying Lipcolour

Whoever said diamonds are every girl’s best friend never really tried on a lipcolor. We firmly believe that the right lipcolor sets everything straight. However, there are times we make tiny mistakes which makes this powerful makeup product, a little less magical. So, keep that smile that melts a million hearts on and make sure that you never do these 10 things while applying a lipcolour!

1. Forgetting to exfoliate

To have a smooth finish, make sure you exfoliate your lips. You can use a normal scrub or even a toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin from your lips. This will not only prevent your pout from flaking but will also keep the lipcolour on for longer!

2. Applying too much of it

2 not do while applying a lip colour

Applying too many layers does not mean it will stay longer. When you apply too many coats on your lips, the chances of it flaking is higher. Apply just a layer of lipcolor, dab it with a little powder and apply another thin layer on top. This will help your lipcolor stay on for much longer!

3. Not applying a lip liner

Lip liners are game changers as they keep your lipcolor from bleeding. Forgetting to apply a lip liner is like forgetting to apply foundation that sets your makeup right. Make sure you apply a lip liner to make your lipcolor stay in place every time!

4. Picking the wrong shade

4 not do while applying a lip colour

You may love to try varied shades on your lips but all of them might not suit you. Not every shade will match your undertone. So, if you want your lipcolour to have a flattering effect on your face, know your best shade and get your best pout! Revlon has just launched a vibrant collection of Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in 15 shades. You can know more about your personality at Revlon stores and outlets near you.

5. Not applying it carefully

Make sure you protect your teeth when you are applying a lipcolour. Lipcolour stains on your teeth are the quickest way to ruin a perfect look. Always double check after applying your lipcolor and try this pro trick: slip your index finger into your mouth and slowly slide it out. Any excess color will come off on your finger and not your teeth!

6. Using lip balm right before applying a matte shade

6 not do while applying a lip colour

Keeping your lips hydrated is a great idea but make sure you don’t do that right before applying your lipcolor. Even though a few matte shades may feel a little dry, they have a creamy effect which need no moisturisation. Lip balm before lipcolour will not give a long lasting stay and can even interfere with the intensity of the color you’re wearing.

7. Ignoring the expiry date

Just like you won’t eat food that’s expired, you shouldn't use lipcolour that’s expired too. Usually one lipcolour stays fresh for one to two years but if your lipcolour starts looking unusual then it’s time to change it.

8. Not paying attention to your cupid’s bow

8 not do while applying a lip colour

Your cupid’s bow defines your lip shape which is why you should pay enough attention to it while applying lip liner as well as your lipcolour. Make sure you fill your lips carefully to look like a true diva!

9. Not keeping in mind your lip shape when picking a color

Yes! Even this matters. If you are a girl with thin lips then you might want to avoid wearing dark shades as they can make your lips look thinner. Light or subtle shades make your lips look fuller which is why it’s very important to pick every colour wisely!

10. Applying it in a haste

10 not do while applying a lip colour

Lipcolour application is an art which is why one should take time during the application. Don’t rush through it because you might not apply it right. Take your time, slowly and carefully fill in your lips, this way you won’t accidently go outside of your lip line and you can be confident about having a fabulous look!

*This is a sponsored post for Revlon

Published on Sep 12, 2017
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