8 Surprising Things About Your First Night No One Will Tell You!

8 Surprising Things About Your First Night No One Will Tell You!

Between trousseau shopping, sangeet rehearsals and outfit trials – every girl blushes at the thought of her wedding night and all the nice and naughty things she’ll get to experience with her hubby. And if it happens to be your first time, you sure are a mixed bag of emotions. But before your thought bubbles get any bigger, allow us to give you a taste of reality. Days leading up to the wedding can be quite overwhelming and if the ‘first night’ thoughts get you nervous, here are 8 things that you surely must know.

1. No matter how much or how little you’ve planned for ‘the night’ – things will take a surprising turn

It’s your first night and if it’s also your first time with him, then we’re sure you’ve planned nights for it! Sparks will fly and emotions will be at an all time high – who knows what may just happen? But let’s just also make it clear, that no matter how much you plan, there will be a few surprises… And that just makes it all the more exciting!   

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2. Your first night will stay etched in your memory, for a long, long time

You will carry little details from your wedding night – from how you helped each other change to how you kept talking all night, forever. This, and not just the passionate sex you had – will stay with you both for as long as you live.

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3. But there are going to be many more ‘special’ nights – so don’t treat it as a yardstick!

Your first time might be earth-shatteringly orgasmic or it might be umm...a slower process.  Either way, you shouldn’t judge your future sex life on it. Treat it simply as your first attempt at something new and know that you’ll get better at it with time and practise.

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4. You can’t escape protection

Start off your sexual life on the right note by using protection. There’s no other way, really. We’re guessing your hubby will have condoms on him, if not, then it’s better to just wait for the next day.  

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5. Sex may be painful at first

Sex can hurt because of a million reasons...specially the first time around. Maybe you’re just freaking out or you haven’t spent enough time in foreplay. Spend a little more time indulging in some sensual talk, a lot of kissing, touching and stroking. Or how about using a lubricant?! Sneak one into your overnight bridal bag for the special night.  

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6. You don’t HAVE to have sex on your wedding night

There’s always immense pressure from friends and relatives elbowing you and winking at you, but there’s no written rule that commands you to have sex on your first night. You should do it when you feel comfortable with him. That way it will actually be fun and natural, and neither of you will be anxious about it.

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7. You may just doze off!

So many hours in that heavy jewellery and even heavier lehenga are enough to tire you. Plus, the endless rituals that go on till late into the night -- by the time you reach your in-laws’ place, your eyes involuntarily search for the nearest bed to crash on. Many couples just doze off on their first night and celebrate their second one with full gusto. And that’s perfectly fine, too.

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8. You may feel shy and awkward

It’s only natural for you to feel slightly shy stripping down to your sexy babydoll in front of him. We just want you to know that it’s okay and that, with time, both of you will get more comfortable with each other. And your sex life as a result, will become much better.

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