15 *Important* Things To Do Just Before You Make Your Bridal Entry!

15 *Important* Things To Do Just Before You Make Your Bridal Entry!

So the moment you had been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived... You are going to be a bride, girl! Imagine being surrounded by a flush of excitement, love and happiness, all at once! As surreal as this all may seem, these are also the moments that can be quite overwhelming to contain… And we are sure you don’t want to miss out on the important things in a ‘bridal rush’. So bookmark this page or note it down if you must, as we are about to get real on the things you SHOULD do before you make that grand bridal entry!

1. Relieve yourself!

Even though this sounds childish AF, you’ve got to go relieve yourself before you step onto the stage. It is going to be a long day and washroom breaks during the ‘meet and greet’ sessions just never happen. Don’t even get us started on the pain of raising that can-can!

2. Eat something first

Brides often forget to properly hydrate themselves, let alone eat something hours before their d-day. Trust us, you are going to be standing tall with your beau in tow for a long long time. And you sure don’t want to die starving while people happily plop on their pani puris!

2 before you leave for your wedding

3. Get your hair well pinned

You don’t want any hair flicks or loose ends spoiling your wedding pictures. Make sure you keep those flyaways at bay by asking your bridesmaid to gently spray your hairdo with a hairspray minutes before entering the venue.

3 before you leave for your wedding

You can never really have too many bobby pins. Get them on Amazon for Rs 120.

4. And your dupatta too!

Whether it is your ghoonghat or your shoulder dupatta, always ensure that all of them are pinned to perfection to avoid any uncomfortable moments or faux pas later. Tilt your head to the sides to make sure that your head dupatta is not restricting movement.  

4 before you leave for your wedding

5. Check that makeup

We are sure your bridal makeup artist will ensure that your makeup looks absolutely perfect. But just to avoid last minute hysteria, make sure you check your makeup base under flash light or even natural sunlight to ensure it looks as gorgeous as you are.

5 before you leave for your wedding

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6. No lipstick on your teeth

Again, your makeup artist will definitely ensure that this is taken care of. But life is full of surprises and you sure don’t want to be caught dead with lipstick on your teeth on your wedding day… or any day!

6 before you leave for your wedding

7. Send a cute text to your fiance

The wedding rush can get quite overwhelming but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal a moment to text your fiance on just how perfect everything is. Trust us, he’ll be just as nervous as you are, and this text will reassure him on just how much you love him.

8. Take that selfie!

Narcissism be damned! Don’t shy away from taking cute selfies in all your bridal glory. We are sure you’ll look back on all the crazy ones with fond memories.

8 before you leave for your wedding

9. And a getting ready shot!

This is a given. Even if your wedding photographer is well aware of this, make sure you tell him the exact pose that you’d like to be captured in. Crazy poses are also welcome.

9 before you leave for your wedding

You can even experiment with some funny props to make your getting ready shot gets even crazier. Get these props from Amazon at just Rs 199.

10. Check all the essentials in your bridal SOS kit

Your bridal SOS kit is like a hidden treasure that you must possess. Make sure it is well equipped with all the essentials such as a painkiller, comb, travel size perfume, bobby pins and lots of tissues!

10 before you leave for your wedding

11. Get a heel patch!

A heel patch or even a heel foam will really save your toes from all the blisters and muscle tiredness you might feel from wearing those heels. Just stick it around the ankle area of your shoes and you’ll be sorted.

11 before you leave for your wedding

You can get this cushion heel liner to keep those sore feet at bay for just Rs 300.

12. Check if your bridesmaids/sister is ready before you!

As a bride, you will need ample help from people throughout the wedding function. But you definitely need a Pippa Middleton like sister/bestie who is ready and equipped with all the things you might need on your wedding day.

12 before you leave for your wedding

13. Freshen up your mood with your favourite perfume

A great perfume can really freshen up your spirits and make you look and feel gorgeous from the inside. Make sure you spray it on the pulse points of your body, to make it last longer.

13 before you leave for your wedding

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14. Eat a chocolate

Relieve all that wedding stress and nervousness by munching on your favourite chocolate, minutes before you make that grand entry. Don’t forget to follow up with a mint candy after!

14 before you leave for your wedding

15. Smile!

Smile, because you are moments away from one of the most precious day of your life. Smile because you’re worth it!

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