Just Married? Here Are 10 Things You Should Do Without Any Delay!

Just Married? Here Are 10 Things You Should Do Without Any Delay!

Your big day, after months of planning, is going to swiftly pass in a happy blur! And once you are married, you might even heave a sigh of relief that the crazy blitz is over! But hang on, your responsibilities are not over just yet. Right from legally adopting a new surname to thanking all the guests, we have compiled a list of 10  “to dos” that should be included in your post wedding checklist!

1. Thank all your guests

Since you couldn’t thank each one of your guests personally during the wedding functions, it is essential for you both to thank them as a couple once the wedding is over. You could write them a special note or even send a personalised message to all of them.

Use these “Thank You” notes (Rs 609) to send a personalised message to all your guests.

2. Store your lehenga

The "Kareena wala designer lehenga" needs to be packed and stored properly. It is advisable to dry clean it from a particular designer/boutique or a trusted drycleaner, who could get it done professionally without ripping off its delicate embroidery!

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3. Practice your new signature

It might sound strange and funny but this step is essential. Be very sure about your signature before you make the official change. And if you are more comfortable with your original one, just make a minimal change to the same.

This Doodle Diary (Rs 199) will help you doodle and practice your new signature.

4. Add your new surname

We wish changing our name was as easy as doing the same on Facebook! But in our country, it’s a long official task. First, you would have to apply for a name change at the office of the State Government Gazette and submit your marriage certificate. Once this is done, you would then need to make the necessary changes in your PAN card, bank documents, driver’s license, passport among others. So be patient!

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5. Wedding album

You cannot forget your vendors post your marriage especially your photographer! To make photo selection process simpler and faster, we suggest you sit with him during the editing and selection process.This is going to be a long task and we suggest you to be patient while getting this done.

Use this Mr & Mrs Album (Rs 1,299) to preserve all your favourite moments from the wedding.

6. Thank your vendors

Your vendors might have given you mini heart attacks during the wedding planning and maybe during the functions too! But in the end, they managed to pull off a great show and didn’t leave you with any reasons to complain. Now it’s time for you to thank them individually and let them know that without them, your “dream wedding” would have not been possible!

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7. Create an expenses sheet

Now that you are married, you and your husband need to sit and discuss the home expenses and budget together. To make the process easier, we suggest you create a combined list of all the monthly expenses and allocate your funds accordingly.

A floral “Budgeting Organizer” (Rs 468) is the best way to manage and track all your expenses.

8. Segregate your gifts

If you are still unsure about the unopened gifts and presents, we suggest you note down the gifts according to the person you got them from. This would help you know who gave what. You could even segregate the gifts according to your needs and usage.

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9. Preserve the wedding mementos

Make a memory box which would contain your wedding card, the menu, the little notes and gifts you gave your bridesmaids, the cards you received and other such things. We are sure this will hold all the special memories together and will be cherished by you always.

Get a beautiful decorative piece for your bedroom which also serves as a Storage Box from Amazon for Rs 3,424.

10. Enjoy the new phase

In the midst of unpacking, thanking your guests and going through the legal and official paperwork, don’t forget to enjoy this new phase of your life. Spend time with your husband and your new family. Plan movie dates and travel the world with him as a “Mrs.” This is all surely worth it!

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