9 Things Short Girls Are AWESOME At!

9 Things Short Girls Are AWESOME At!

Short girls have been the butt of jokes for way too long, from ‘What’s the weather down there?’, to ‘Aren’t you still in school?’ the comments are now getting old. So, I, all of 5 foot and one inch, decided to jot down everything that makes being tiny, amazing! We may be small, but we’re also feisty and sassy, apart from being so darn cute.

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1. Super Hugs

We legit give the best hugs because we fit right in and have no trouble squishing your torso to our heart’s content. It’s how we sneakily hear our partner’s heartbeat and smile to ourselves in a relationship.

1 short girls

2. Sexy Spooning

Cuddling is our second nature, we’re easy to spoon and we barely hog the blanket. Let the boyfriend applications pile up!

2 short girls

Know a short cuddler? Get her a cute tiny blanket (Rs 729) to keep her warm!

3. Staying Young

Some of us still enjoy shopping from the kids’ section and it’s awesome, they have so much more glitter anyways. Plus, in the beginning getting carded at clubs hurts, but then as you hit your late 20s it turns into a compliment!

3 short girls

Nobody will judge you for wearing these adorable Little Mermaid pajamas (Rs 934) or this quirky Jughead t-shirt (Rs 599), most people think you’re still a kid anyway.

4. Crowded Places

Maneuvering through crowded places is our jam! You don’t even need to push past people, they make way because they can always see over your tiny head.

4 short girls

But if you’re looking for a change, add some height with this shiny pair of platform heels (Rs 2,899) from Koovs.

5. Nap Time

Want to pass out on the sofa? No problem! Want to bundle up on the bean bag? Go ahead! You don’t have to fold your legs in most situations.

5 short girls

Cozy bean bags (Rs 790) are every short girls paradise, get yourself one today!

6. Great Climbers

Do you know how many counters we climb in a day? Short girls are pros at climbing over tables, counters, animals, people etc.

6 short girls

7. Road Trips

You can push back your chair, we need zero leg room and take up minimum space, basically the ideal road trip partners!

7 short girls

8. Hide & Seek

Avoiding awkward situations and people is so easy! We just quickly hide under the desk or in a cardboard box, anything works.

8 short girls

Buy yourself a camo hooded jacket (Rs 1,390) to help you quickly bundle up into nothing!

9. Limbo

Ummmm, your stick is at our height and we simply need to walk through it. Limbo is that one party game we are guaranteed to win.

9 short girls

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