10 Things Your *Jeeju* Says That Nobody Else Can!

10 Things Your *Jeeju* Says That Nobody Else Can!

Whether it was Nisha or Poo, the saalis of Bollywood have always been the most pampered ones! And that’s true even in real life. Your jeeju is the love of your sister’s life and that automatically makes him an important part of your life too! He’s like your elder brother - always pulling your leg, making you laugh but super protective of you as well. Here are 10 things only your jeeju can say and get away with because admit it, you love him too much!

1. “You know na that your sister loves me more than she loves you. Just make your peace with the second position now!”

You’ll compromise on a close second as long as the two of them are happy together!

1 things only your jeeju can say

2. “Motu, what are you eating? Give me that!”

Nobody gets away with calling you fat, NOBODY...except your jeeju! Because c’mon, he is the one hogging all the food with you as well!

3. “When are you getting married? I cannot wait to dance at your wedding and make fun of you with your husband.”

You know he just wants a partner in crime.

4. “Should I go tell mummy you were drinking at the party last night?”

You know it’s an empty threat, but one that really scares you!

4 things only your jeeju can say

5. “Oh so now you come to me when you want dad to give you permission? How the tables have turned! What will I get in return though?”

Only he can convince your dad for anything and everything.

6. “Both you sisters are so difficult to handle! Such drama queens you are!”

Well, that’s a matter of family pride.

7. “Who was that boy last night? Is he your boyfriend? Any guy you’re dating needs to be approved by me!”

That’s true, though!

7 things only your jeeju can say

8. “What are you even doing with your life? You need to step up your game!”

He is ready with some tough love when needed!

9. “What are you wearing? And why is one shoulder missing from the dress? I really don’t understand fashion anymore!”

Just like he doesn’t understand most girl things!

10. “Oh you’re here again? You are like the third wheel in our relationship!”

And you know he loves it like that!

10 things only your jeeju can say

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