11 Things I Learned When I Was Finally Single After Years!

11 Things I Learned When I Was Finally Single After Years!

Breakups are the absolute worst. They bring a lot more than just tears and heartache, especially so, when you’ve been with your partner for many years. A sudden parting of ways compels you to make a whole lot of changes in your life starting from getting used to your partner’s absence, learning to depend on yourself for everything and changing your perspective towards life altogether. Here are some lessons that I learnt when I broke up after years. I am sure you can relate to many of them if you’ve ever experienced heartbreak in your life.

Lesson 1: I learnt how to change my car tyre, file my taxes and manage my investments

And all the other stereotypically ‘guy things’ that my boyfriend used to do for me earlier.

Lesson 2: I could be my own knight in shining armour

I learnt how to count on myself as the one who would always be there for me through thick and thin. And after the break-up, I became the hero of my own life and it felt quite good.

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Lesson 3: At the end of the day, your family is there for you, no matter what

Even when things don’t work out... I learnt that my family is always around to catch me every time I fall!

3 broke up after a long relationship - kardashian family

Lesson 4: How to drive and treat myself to a nice cup of coffee

To cheer myself up post a long working day or just to enjoy the good rainy weather, I learnt to drive and take myself on a date over a nice cuppa coffee. Because sometimes you are your best company!

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Lesson 5: Deal with my pms and find ways to keep my mood swings at bay

Step 1: Buy a tub of chocolate ice cream

Step 2: Plug in your hot bag

Step 3: Play a rom-com and tuck yourself in bed with your tub and heating pad in place.

Voila, I realized that I don’t need a boyfriend for all that pampering after all!

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Lesson 6: I learnt to start spending more time with my friends

Without the need to devote the all free time to my boyfriend, after the break-up, I ended up meeting my friends way more often and it felt amazing to reconnect.

6 broke up after a long relationship - friends

Lesson 7: I realized that it’s okay to not have your cell phone around all the time

I no longer felt the need to always keep my phone within an arm’s range as the need to constantly be available for my partner was no longer there.

Lesson 8: Chocolates and wine really do help in the break-up phase and sad love songs are so underrated

You look for ways to pump your body with endorphins and make all the sadness go away. So, I tried them all, from chocolates, wine, sad love songs on a loop to watching romantic movies to ease the heartache!

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Lesson 9: I had so much of free time to pursue so many other passions that I never used to find time for

I didn’t realize how much time my relationship used to take up (almost like a full-time job) until I experienced a breakup. Suddenly I had ample time to do whatever the hell I wanted..from joining cocktail making classes to learning to play a new sport!

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Lesson 10: Sexual withdrawals can get frustrating

Having been with my partner for so long, I got used to him being around. After the breakup, I missed the raging hormones-kinda feeling and of course all the coochie-coo cuddling.

Lesson 11: I realized that it’s okay to end the relationship if it no longer works for you

I learnt that no matter how long you have dated the guy, or how much time you’ve invested in him if you feel that you’re mostly unhappy with his presence in your life, it is okay to let go. So it was ultimately a good decision to choose my happiness over everything else.

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