Dear Hubby, 9 Things I Wish You Would Do For Me In The First Month Of Our Marriage!

Dear Hubby, 9 Things I Wish You Would Do For Me In The First Month Of Our Marriage!

Dear hubby,  I know we’ve only just returned from our blissful honeymoon, but to be honest, I am getting withdrawal symptoms already! (#TakeUsBack is going up on all our pictures on Instagram and Facebook) I want to just continue this lovey-dovey state of being through our first month together. So I have a plan! And all you need to do is follow, wink-wink. Do these 9 cutesy things for me in the first 30 days and I promise, I’ll return the favours in the best ways possible!

1. Sleep under the stars with me...

Okay, this is the first thing to do because it’s romantic and adventurous and will also give us sweet memories that we could reminisce for a lifetime. We can go on a weekend camping trip too. The one in Moonstone Hammock is quite a great deal! 

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2. Introduce me to all your friends and relatives

Because come on! I obviously want to get to know all the people who are important in your life. The better my bonding with them, the more fun we have in our new life as a married couple. As a matter of fact, you should get well acquainted with my friends and family too.

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3. Cook for me, especially breakfast in bed!

Living with you is like a dream come true! But I also always dreamt that you would cook romantic breakfasts for me and then serve them to me in bed. I will make sure I return the favour in my own way *wink* 

Gift him a chef hat and seal the ‘Sunday breakfast in bed’ deal! Buy it here.

3 first month of marriage guy getting breakfast

4. Have mind blowing sex with me every night

This is not just for me, obviously, but for both of us! We had been waiting to live together for the longest time, and now that we are, I don’t want to spend any night without having some MIND BLOWING sex with you. We could cuddle later, too! I also have a list of awesome positions we HAVE to try! 

You might want to buy this lacy babydoll for the special night!

5. Figure out how to deal with my mood swings when I PMS…

Again, a very important part. You never really had to deal with me being cranky during my periods earlier, but now that we live together, you should know that I will be moody and irritated, at times and you should, by now, be able to figure out a way of dealing with it! Here’s a simple guide on how you can help me deal with my period problems 

Nothing works better than a bar of chocolate to cure the period mood swings!

6. Bring me cutesy presents every now and then (which I will do for you too!)

It will be so much fun! And no, not materialistic stuff always. But, cutesy things like flowers, chocolates, etc. I will also get your favourite desserts and chocolates while coming back from work, promise!

6 first month of marriage guy with flowers

7. Accompany me to meet my parents’ whenever possible

I’m really excited about my new life with you, but I also miss my parents, siblings and my house a lot. So, I will surely visit them a lot in the first month. I would really appreciate you accompanying me on these visits, because this will help you form a rapport with them, which will really mean alot to me! But don’t ever discuss these things with them at all.

8. Play hooky from work and meet me for lunch

We’ll both play hooky from work every now and then and meet for a long lunch! No pressure, but I think it’ll be so much fun! Also, since we’ll be missing each other so much while at work, it’ll only be better for us to meet for sometime in between, rather than daydreaming about each other and not working at all! Think about productivity at work, hubby!

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9. Go shopping with me to buy cute stuff for our room

A new life and new journey calls for a new setting in the room and the house. Promise me that you will come along with me on all my decor items shopping trips, so that we can both have an equal opinion about what to put up in our room (to avoid any arguments later!). Also, I really want this tiny birdcage for our room. Please say you love it too!

9 first month of marriage guy girl shopping


Your wifey :)

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