The Founder Of Your FAV Fashion Brand Is Nearly As Rich As Bill Gates | POPxo

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The Founder Of Your FAV Fashion Brand Is Nearly As Rich As Bill Gates

The Founder Of Your FAV Fashion Brand Is Nearly As Rich As Bill Gates

Your favourite brand has some news for you! This Spanish clothing and accessory brand has already taken over the fashion industry and now, its founder almost took over Bill Gates' spot of the richest man on the planet.

YES! We’re talking about Zara.

1 zara store

Image Source

You probably already know that Amancio Ortega, co-founder of Zara is wealthy but did you know that he is wealthy enough to beat Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft and world’s richest man) in the race? Well, he was actually as per Forbes’ real-time rankings of world’s billionaires.

Until 31st August 2017, Thursday, Ortega was the richest person on the planet but early on the day itself he lost the spot to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) as the Intidex’s shares, which is the parent company of Zara and is also the world’s largest apparel retailer, fell on Spain’s BME stock exchange.

Ortega became world’s richest man on Wednesday, 30th August but in less than a day, Bill Gates took over. What a day it must have been for him, we wonder?!

2 zara


FYI, Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos was the world’s richest person for a single morning in July as his net worth surged above $90 billion. It was a tough race, you know, it’s not easy to beat Bill Gates in the game, but they still did.

Now, the third richest man is Amancio Ortega and his net worth is $82 billion.

Yes, you read the figures right!

3 zara model posing

Image Source

Inspired? Now, go to the Zara store and get yourself something nice and pretty or just click here and start shopping for the new looks!

Published on Sep 1, 2017
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