10 Texts He Sends When He Wants Some Sweet Lovin’!

10 Texts He Sends When He Wants Some Sweet Lovin’!

How many times have you clasped your head in your hands just because your man is throwing you shade? Too many to remember, right? Men don’t need to have periods to be PMS-ing. Sometimes, they just need a little loving. But, of course, after all the manliness that has been pushed down their throats for ages, they just don’t know how to express this desire in a straightforward manner. Here are 10 texts he only sends when he wants pampering!

1. ‘I had the worst day at work today!’

He wants tons of virtual kisses and a nice motivational speech!

1 he wants pampering - sad man

2. ‘Desperately in need of some coffee today!’

Your smile works better than a coffee and he knows that!

3. ‘Feeling super unproductive today…’

He is probably in a bad mood. It could be for absolutely no reason. Send some jokes to get him back the chirpy mood?

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4. ‘Why are Mondays so shitty?’

A sumptuous breakfast could just cure him of his Monday blues!

4 he wants pampering - sad man rain

5. ‘All I want right now is a hug from you.’

C’mon, you really don’t have to read too much into this one!

6. ‘Yeah, I just want to cuddle in my blanket tonight…’

And things would be so much better if you are with him. In person or in spirit, whatever works!

7. ‘I just don’t feel like talking today…’

Give him his space but make sure you are around at the end of the day to give him some warm hugs!

7 he wants pampering - sad man bus

8. ‘My shoulders are hurting like crazy! I could do with a massage, I guess.’

Hello, couple spa therapy!

9. ‘I would just love to meet you right now.’

You are, after all, the sunshine of his life!

10. ‘Why do you live so far from me?’

If he is cribbing about how far you live even when you live in the same city then you bet he has had a rough day and needs some cheering up!

10 he wants pampering - kiss

Go give him all the love he deserves!

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