10 Texts To Send Your Hubby When You Want ALL His Attention!

10 Texts To Send Your Hubby When You Want ALL His Attention!

Listen, we know this sounds super needy and that’s normally not the vibe we are going for! But to be totally honest, every wife knows there are days when all you want is your husband’s undivided attention. I mean, it’s your basic right as a wife to demand, nay – hog, all his attention and affection. So we’ve come up with a list of things you can say to him on a day like this! Yup, yup; pretty sure these are super effective and will work like a charm!

1. ‘Brad and Leonardo are both texting me incessantly. Guess I’ll meet them tonight then…’

Nothing like a little harmless humour and exaggeration to get Mr Husband to pay attention to his adorable wife!

1 want his attention - selena gomez phone

2. ‘So it is true then, my best friend loves me more than you love me. Hmmm, I really thought you’d win.’

What? Did that debate just get settled?! We’re pretty sure he’s going to want to respond to this text!

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3. ‘I miss my pre-marriage days. At least my boyfriend would shower me with attention.’ *Sigh*

The sudden jolt down memory lane is going to make him miss the good old days just as much!

3 want his attention - ariel

4. ‘Do you want to change your Facebook status to ‘Married to my job’?’

This ought to make Mr Workaholic see your point instantly!

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5. ‘Hi, what’s up? Just messaging to check if you still remember me…your wife? The pretty lady you woke up next to this morning? Okthnxbye!’

Your husband might curse you for randomly making him smile during a work meeting, but smile he will!

5 want his attention - alia

6. ‘Hi sir, this is to inform you that you are eligible for a sexy surprise when you reach home tonight! Reply immediately to receive coupon.’

Listen girl, if this doesn’t get his attention we really don’t know what will!

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7. ‘I’m a new age working woman with a job and a life too, but you make me seem like a loser who only thinks of you.’

Sometimes brutal honesty is the way to go!

7 want his attention - deepika

8. ‘Planning a vacay with my imaginary other husband. He’s fun, spontaneous, and adventurous and oooh – one last thing, he always responds to texts!’

Message received Mrs Funnybones. He’s bound to text you back instantly. Bonus points to you both if this turns into a battle of wits!

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9. ‘Is there an emoji of a husband ignoring his wife? Well, there needs to be one STAT!’

At least he knows subtle is not your strong suit!

9 want his attention - alia kapoor and sons

10. ‘I wish someone had told me that marriage is mostly spending your day waiting for your husband to remember he has a wife.’

LOL. We bet this’ll make him chuckle and want to call you and also want to squish you all at once.

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