7 Taboo Sex Topics We Don't Talk About...But Should!

7 Taboo Sex Topics We Don't Talk About...But Should!

“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me,” now that I’ve gotten that song out of my head and stuck in yours, I’m ready to get to the point. You feel comfortable talking about your meals, the weather, the reason you got up late this morning or even how you like your coffee. But when it comes to sex, there are certain terms you avoid during conversations, quickly changing the topic to something more…..ordinary?

Well, buckle your belt for this ride, here are 7 taboo sex topics that make us uncomfortable but shouldn’t!

1. Masturbation

You do it, he does it. And if you don’t talk about it because you think you’ll be judged, then stop denying yourself the pleasure! It’s sexy to take charge of your own orgasm.

1 taboo sex topics

2. Sex Toys

Pleasing your body is an exciting experience, explore uncharted territory with sex toys, there is a wide range available from vibrators to dildos and toys meant specifically for different parts of your body, pick your poison girls!

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3. Anal

Before you knock on the back door, it is very important to have a conversation about it! Get the discomfort out and clear the air, anal can be fun if you know how to do it right.

3 taboo sex topics

4. Pegging

What does it mean? When the woman penetrates the man from behind with a dildo. An interesting twist to add to your sex life indeed.

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5. Oral sex

Add some food to the mix, get your 69 on or just try the morning oral sex trick! It’s the perfect way to make your partner feel good.

5 taboo sex topics

6. Fetish

We aren't all the same, some of us like feet, some have a fascination with role play, so don’t bottle it up, discuss what turns you on about your partner.


Tying up your partner (consensually), blindfolding, feathers and whips can be an interesting addition to your Friday night plans!

7 taboo sex topics

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Get talking, ladies!

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