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Research Says Gujaratis Have More Sex During Navratri, So Why Hate Sunny Leone?

Research Says Gujaratis Have More Sex During Navratri, So Why Hate Sunny Leone?

With a coy smile, draped in a sexy lehenga-choli, her hands in hair - Sunny Leone seems all ready to celebrate the festival of Navratri. Her eyes looking towards the tagline “Ya Navratriyon Ramo Parantu Prem Thi” which translates to “Iss Navratri, Khelo Magar Pyaar Se” in the latest ad campaign for Manforce condoms. Little did the ad creators know that their subtle indication towards having safe sex on a festive occasion, was too much for our 'sabhyata' to handle.

1 sunny leone ad

Source: AliAbbas966 on Twitter

On Tuesday, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) wrote to Ram Vilas Paswan calling out the hoarding for putting "cultural values at stake” just to “boost sales,” and asking for the ad to be banned in Gujarat.

Now that you know what’s been happening, here is a fun fact: According to a research conducted by, an Indian website known to provide sexual wellness and pleasure items, Gujarat actually shows a sharp rise in sex during Navratris. The research is based on the behaviour of consumers on their e-commerce website.

Here are a few other results from the study:

1. Gujarat ranks number 6 when it comes to sale of sex products, but comes up to number 3 during Navratri.

2 sunny leone ad

Image source

If you feel inspired go get yourself a Fifty Shades inspired massage bullet (Rs 1,800) for the night!

2. *Ahem*dabad, the capital of Gujarat, ranks number 8 among the top cities.

3 sunny leone ad

Image source

3. The sale of sex toys in Surat and other tier II cities has gone up by 25% in the last one year.

4 sunny leone ad

Image source

4. Vadodara (Baroda) is among the top three cities in India where women buyers exceed men.

5 sunny leone ad

Image source

How about getting yourself a sexy babydoll (Rs 2,595) if you feel like taking a little charge too!

However, like always, it is very hard for us, as a nation, to accept that we engage in the perfectly natural act of sex. And, it's even harder to accept that the mood is better when it’s the festive season. So while two people are having sex, is putting up a hoarding reminding them to be safe really the worst thing to do? Or is it that it’s Sunny Leone doing it that’s hurting more sentiments?

Don’t forget to get yourself a packet of Manforce condoms. (Rs 239)

Because safe sex is always great sex!

Published on Sep 21, 2017
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