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THIS Styling Trick Can Make You Look Taller In Jeans!

THIS Styling Trick Can Make You Look Taller In Jeans!

You might complain about your petite frame because you always have to stand on the countertop to grab something or you’re referred to as the ‘little one’ of the group. But thanks to your structure, you can rock just about any outfit and look younger than you are. No more reasons to complain, eh?

Sometimes, however, your height (or the lack thereof) can be a bit of a fashion hurdle. Especially when you want to pull off something as easy as a pair of jeans. Of course, they have the power to make you look like a diva without any effort, but if not styled properly, they can bring your height down a few inches! But don’t worry about that, ladies. We’re here to share with you that one styling trick that’ll make you look taller in jeans… without wearing heels!

Choose A High Waist Style


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High waist styles are the easiest way to add length to your body. High waist jeans (or any other pants) make the torso look shorter and add length to the legs - making the person look visually taller. It’s an optical illusion that actually works.

We like these blue high waist jeans (Approx 3,011.64) and these black ones (Approx Rs 2,409) too!   

How To Style High Waisted Jeans For A Failsafe Look?



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A lot of people end up styling their high waist jeans with an oversized tee. Of course, that makes for an extremely comfortable outfit, but it sure doesn’t work in your favour, especially if you’re petite. So instead of wearing a t-shirt or a stylish top as is, tuck it into your jeans to highlight your waist, add a jacket to bring structure to your outfit and look taller!

If you’re blessed with a narrow waist, a tucked in cami, topped off with a shirt jacket will make for a great outfit. If your problem area happens to be your belly, a ruffled top that isn’t body hugging will look great when tucked in. Both these outfits can be pulled off on a casual day at work.  

This ruffled top (Rs 599) will make for a smart workwear outfit. So will this black cami top (Rs 699)!

Pro Tip:

Finish the look with a pair of open toe flats if you’re going to work, or sneakers for a casual day out with friends. Swap these casual shoes with sleek stilettos in case you’re going for a more dressy look that you can work for a drinks session or a birthday party, maybe?

You can invest these stilettos (Rs 2,990) for your next night out!

Wear your personality (and height) with pride, ladies. You’re beautiful as you are!