9 Fun & Sexy Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas (Other Than Netflix And Chill)

9 Fun & Sexy Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas (Other Than Netflix And Chill)

Who says you have to go out to have fun? You could stay right where you are and have a good time. Don’t believe us? Go on then, read these 9 sexy and cool date night ideas for when you just wanna stay at home and chill! (There’s more to life than just Netflix!)

1. Go for garden camping

Bring out your tarpaulin tent and set it out in the garden.  Stuff it with candy coloured cushions, pillows, and blankets. Now hang some fairy lights inside it and place huge rocks to create a path leading up to it. Stay up all night stargazing, watching movies or simply reading inside your little tent. Rest assured, this stay-at-home would feature in the most romantic nights of your life.  

Get this two-person camping tent (Rs 999) that’ll keep you safe from water and mosquitoes.  

2. Put those lights out and light those candles up

As soon as it turns dark, put out all lights of your home.  Ask your guy to light up the candles while you go play your favourite music. In this soft, yellow light, cook a delicious meal together - infused with love and romance it will taste so much better.

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3. Have a game night!

Board games, video games or cards - bring out whatever it is that gets you and your guy excited. Now set a few conditions to the game, like how the loser has to go down on the other or give a lap dance or maybe striptease. With a huge tub of popcorn and beer placed beside you, spend the night playing away - it will definitely end on a high note.

50 Days of Play (Rs 1,939) is the ultimate card game that’ll spice up your sex life.

4. Go through old albums and video clips together.

Rent out a home screen and play old videos from your childhood or your college time. You can even go through old albums together. Trust us, you’d have so much fun laughing at each other wearing funny clothes and rocking weird hairstyles from the past.

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5. Massage sesh for two.

Call a professional masseuse home or act like one, for the night. Then, heat up the aroma oil, lock away all your doors, turn down the music and get into the mood for a long, slow massage session. It will relax and soothe you down for a much more energetic session later into the night! *winks*

This bottle of lavender oil (Rs 308) will soothe down your tired muscles and relieve all your stress.

6. Play up the music and get DIY-friendly

Have you ever tried painting coffee mugs or bare white walls? If not, then you’ve got to give it a try. Be warned though, it’s a messy business and you’d want to finish all your other chores before you get your hands dirty in it. But once you start, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to stop yourself. So, put on YouTube and get crafty!

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7. Take a nice, foaming bath in the tub together

Fill your bathtub with slightly warm water and pour some essential oils into it. You could even spread rose petals over it and light up candles around it. Bring your aromatic body washes and loofahs out and don your sexiest piece of lingerie. All you need next is some food and drinks and you are good to go for a sexy evening in water.

Get your hands on this deliciously sweet smelling Strawberry Shower Gel (Rs. 345) from The Body Shop.

8. Celebrate naked nights!

Change into nothing and then spend the night together doing everything but wearing nothing. You never know what new position or place may inspire you to make love. Rest assured, it’ll be quite a revealing experience for you both.

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9. Create a steamy bucket list of all the things you want to do and then try to tick it off, one by one

Ask your partner to pen down your wildest fantasies as you narrate them out to him, and then do the same for him. Pick a few favourites from each others’ lists and then get down to the act of making them all come true. You’ll discover many new things about each other and have a lot of fun!

Don this edible G-string (Rs. 999) and watch him eat it out with much pleasure.

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