7 Basic Rules Stylish Women Always Follow!

7 Basic Rules Stylish Women Always Follow!

We all know that one person whose style is always on fleek and it makes us wonder, ‘How does she get it right every time?’

Well, it’s not a coincidence and it’s definitely more than just having a great sense of style. To know what they do differently, check out these 7 simple rules every fashionista follows!

1. Clothes are a form of self expression

Clothing is a form of communication and whether you like it or not, the way you dress always says something about you. So it is best to dress with an intention. Think about how you want to be perceived, and dress accordingly.

2. Dressing for the occasion


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Your outfits are a response to social situations. Which is why you dress a certain way to work and for a night out with friends. Use clothing as a method to show up to an event looking exactly your part.   

3. The right fit can make all the difference!


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You might be wearing the best dress you own, but if it’s not your size and doesn’t fit the way it should, it won’t look half as good. Always buy clothes your size and even a simple tee and jeans outfit could make for a dapper look!

4. Knowing when to experiment with trends


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You should absolutely not stop yourself from experimenting with trends, but you must know when is the right time to play with them. A relative’s wedding, for instance, might not be the best place to wear distressed denims, but if you’re going out with your girlfriends, you can try whatever you want! Ripped jeans, bell sleeves or a sheer dress, maybe?

5. Having a signature style is key   

No two people can have the same aesthetics or exactly same sense of style. We’re all built differently and dressing a certain way just because it’s trending, is not a great idea. Know your style and what makes you *you*! It could be a layered necklace you wear at all times or a pair of sneakers you style with everything. Figuring out that one thing that defines your personal style will go a long way!

6. It’s ALL in the details!

Sure, we all have a black dress. But what’ll make your black dress different? Every fashionable girl knows that her outfit isn’t complete till she has added a personal touch to it. Tiny details like the way you wear a belt, or how broad it is, for instance, can make all the difference! Pay attention to detail and you’ll realise how easy it is to slay your style!  

7. A pair of well fitted jeans are a must

A pair of well-fitted jeans are called a wardrobe staple for a reason. Invest in a pair of good quality ones that fit like second skin and half your wardrobe woes are sorted! On days when you just can’t decide what to wear or when you make an impromptu plan, these jeans will come to the rescue.

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