Sunday Shorts: 3 Erotic Tales Of Couples And Their Bedroom Fetishes

Sunday Shorts: 3 Erotic Tales Of Couples And Their Bedroom Fetishes

In a hunt for some erotic stories to steam up things in the bedroom? Here, we have for you 3 erotic short tales you can enjoy reading with your partner.

1. Intertwined And How

He and I had a cosmic connection. Right from our first kiss, we could not keep our hands off each other. He had an innate way of putting me at ease, even when we were trying something new in bed. This particular day, our first year of being together, he brought out two pairs of handcuffs and followed it up with just two words, “Trust me.”

And so I did. My hands cuffed to either side of the bed, I knew fairly well that I wasn’t in control. I couldn’t please him even if I wanted to. He began by cupping my face and kissing me and undressing me, all at the same time. He was slow and steady as he moved downwards by kissing every inch of my body. I shivered and trembled as I felt him inside me. I am fairly certain that I came before him that day. While uncuffing me, he whispered in my ears, “I wanted it to be all about you, that’s how much I love you.”

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2. Sultry Desires

I let my silk robe fall down to the floor, as I walked slowly across the room, making sure his eyes never left my body. His gaze wandered down to my corset and then lower to my stockings - the one weakness he didn't dare to reveal until we were one passionate year into our experiments in the bedroom.

He trailed his fingers over the sheer lace fabric and my breath caught in my throat as he made his way to my waist. Cupping my hips, he made his way lower and spanked hard. Immensely aroused, I pinned him to the bed, as he ripped the black lace, peeling the stocking down to my ankles. Kissing him with the fury of a thousand burning suns I whispered, "Someone's been a VERY bad boy."

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3. Will You Do It Already?

We’d talked about it before because it was a particular fetish of his but up until now, I did not have the courage to do it. One night, after a couple of drinks, I was feeling brazen when he looked into my eyes and asked me, “I’ll do it only if you want me to.” Slowly, I pulled him close and whispered, “Please, will you do it already” in his ear. He started kissing me with a passion that suddenly had me wanting more.

Turning me over in his lap, he removed my pants and asked for my permission, again. Once, I’d assured him that I wanted it just as much as he did, he spanked me hard. The first couple of spanks really hurt but from there it was a short visit to heaven. There were a total of five spanks but the sex we had after that...was the most intense ever! Spanking is a regular in the bedroom now and we’ve stepped over to the dark side…

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3 bedroom fetishes

Stay wild, ladies!

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