7 Fabulous Foreplay Tips To Have Him Begging For More!

7 Fabulous Foreplay Tips To Have Him Begging For More!

It’s such a shame that foreplay still needs to fight for a spot in the bedroom, especially when the most romantic and sensuous acts of lovemaking have often begun with a whole lot of sexual teasing! For those of you who’re looking for sizzling new ways to spark passion with your loved one, here is a list of hot foreplay tips for a long, wild night.

1. Cold anticipation

Take some chilled chocolate syrup and pour it over your partner’s body, particularly on erogenous zones like the nape of the neck, inner thighs, and even the small of their backs. Slowly lick it off, and watch them shudder with arousal.

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1 foreplay ideas - chilled chocolate syrup

2. ‘Follow my voice’

These foreplay tips start by getting your partner naked and then blindfold them. Lead them around the house with just your voice whispering all the dirty things you’d like to do to them. Every time they find you, have a minute long make out session, get them hot and heavy, and disappear, leading them on once again. The sheer arousal of this is going to leave them craving more!

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3. Explore massages

One of the best foreplay tips, start this one by softly trailing your fingernails from the nape of his neck all the way down his spine, to the small of his back and back up again, repeatedly. Once you fall into a rhythm, gently press the tips of your fingers following the same path and change pressure each time.

Pro tip: use scintillating oils for the massages for an incredible night for the both of you!

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3 foreplay ideas - massages

4. Good cop, bad cop

Handcuffs are always a fantastic kink to bring to the bedroom. Pair those with the surprise element of cuffing your blindfolded partner in the dark, in any room, and tease them relentlessly as they try to make sense of their surroundings while holding back waves of uninhibited pleasure.

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5. Kinky role-playing

This is your chance of living out all your geeky fantasies and being unashamedly aroused by the sight of your partner in costumes. Bring out the Wonder Women bustier he will be begging to take off you, or those sexy leather pants he’d love to spank you in and get down and dirty!

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5 foreplay ideas - roleplay

6. Nibble on those treats

If you haven’t already gone wild and crazy with deliciously edible underwear, you’re missing out on some serious loving and perhaps some mind-blowing foreplay tips! Surprise your partner with lingerie that they can suck on, nibble, and chew off you using just their mouth, with their hands tied behind their back. Hot under the collar yet?

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7. Get those toys out

Experimenting with ideas of light BDSM and naughty playthings must feature on your sex bucket list, for at least that one incredible night. Indulge in some sexy submissive bondage, as you tie up your partner and give them a strip tease, giving yourself the power to touch and kiss them wherever you please, without any restrictions!

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7 foreplay ideas - kinky BDSM

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