7 Rules Of Casual Sex You Can NOT Ignore!

7 Rules Of Casual Sex You Can NOT Ignore!

While Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ discussion in the movie Friends With Benefits may have completely captured the perfect description of casual sex with "It's a physical act, like playing tennis." What they actually forgot to mention was that even casual sex comes with a few rules. Yes, I know it seems counterintuitive for a casual relationship to have rules but like everything else in life, it is a game that needs to be played carefully if you want to protect yourself and your sex partner. So here are 7 rules of casual sex you just cannot ignore.

1 rules of casual sex

1. Know Yourself

Before you get into any kind of relationship, you need to know where you stand emotionally. If you’re the kind of person who gets attached too quickly or cannot differentiate between just sex and a relationship, maybe you aren’t the right person to have a one night stand or a hookup. Don’t worry, though, being too attached is never a bad thing. We do need more people who care!

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2. Keep Emotions At Bay

Whether it’s a casual relationship or a hookup or just a one night stand, remember to leave your emotions outside the bedroom. It’s never advisable to indulge in the emotions you’d otherwise indulge in because this is nothing like a normal relationship! So all pillow talk and coochie coo to be strictly avoided!

3. But You Still Need To Care

Just because you two are only boning, you cannot treat the other person with any less respect. Sex is intimate and you need to hold in high regard the person you’re sharing your bed and body with. And remember, don’t be a selfish prick. Give as much as you get!

3 rules of casual sex

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4. Ask Questions

After you’ve cleared your head, remember to ask your partner questions to understand if you two are on the same page. Talk, talk and talk to avoid future complications!

5. Establish Boundaries

What if one of you finds somebody you want to get in a serious relationship with? Having a hookup partner who is clingy will then be inconvenient (to say the least!). So set boundaries at the start so the exit is not messy. ‘Goodmorning’ and ‘what did you eat’ texts are not part of a casual relationship.

6. Have Standards

While we know it’s casual, you still need to keep you standards (and head) high. If he calls you at inconvenient hours for sex with no communication apart from that, maybe you need to think twice about the person you’re hooking up with. Casual sex is fine but self respect comes first. It’s mutual pleasure seeking and not just for his benefit.

6 rules of casual sex

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7. Know That It Won’t Last

Casual sex, while enjoyable, is a temporary unsustainable arrangement. Either things will end with you two going your own way or you will take the relationship to the next level. But no matter what, you will not be able to maintain status quo for a very long time!

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