8 Witty Responses To When Someone Says 'You Should Smile More!'

8 Witty Responses To When Someone Says 'You Should Smile More!'

Women are constantly subjected to a lot of such offensive and sexist comments by people around them.The concept of boundaries on what you can comment on is more or less non-existent. People think they’re doing us a favour by telling us things like “You’d look better if you lost a little weight, or warning us that “Nobody likes a woman with an opinion”. One such comment happens to be, “You should smile more often, you’ll look prettier”. This is so idiotic -- as if a woman’s sole purpose of existence is to look pretty and appealing to anyone that comes our way. So, here are some badass responses for when people ask you to smile more!

1. “But I’d feel better if you were about 10 feet away from me and not wasting my time.”

Nobody wants to deal with a weirdo.

1 ask you to smile sarcastic smile

2. “I never smile when I’m about to murder somebody.”

Run, my friend, RUN!

3. “WHY?”

Keep asking them why until they realize the stupidity of their statement.

3 ask you to smile thumbs up

4. “You’d look MUCH better minding your own business, don’t you think?”

Say it to me one more time and you’ll never smile again.

5. “All the botox in my face makes smiling difficult.”

Let’s see his response to that!

5 ask you to smile gossip girl

6. “Society has taught me never to smile and acknowledge creepy men.”

Give him a dose of his own medicine.

7. “But your face isn’t all that funny.”

And I did not want to be rude, which, clearly is not a concern for you.

7 ask you to smile sarcastic smile

8. “I like frowning. It burns more calories than smiling.”

I’ll do everything for that jawline!

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