9 Reasons A Heartbreak Could Actually Be Good For You!

9 Reasons A Heartbreak Could Actually Be Good For You!

While love can change you and make you a better person, a heartbreak will always be the best teacher there is! It’s definitely not something that we look forward to but in moments of acute sadness we do figure out who we really are and who are the people who will be there for us come rain or sunshine. So, ladies, here are a few reasons we think that a heartbreak is good for you!

1. It helps you come to terms with reality

Personally, I had always lived in a bubble until my first heartbreak came along, a lot of fairy tale notions dwindled and some much-needed pragmatism took over! I have learned that some people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever and what happens is for the best really!

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2. It makes you want to change

A friend had once told me that getting over someone is all about changing the kind of person you used to be with your former partner. And it is not necessarily a bad thing to start looking on the inside and focusing on yourself for a change.

3. It makes you rock solid

Yes, of course, because now having seen yourself in the lowest of lows, you are always hoping for the best and preparing yourself for the worst. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

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4. It boosts creativity in people

Apart from being all philosophical and emotional, heartbreaks actually inspire creative people to bleed on to the page. Heard popular songs by Selena after her breakup with Justin Bieber? They were her biggest blockbusters. Just saying!

5. It maintains the balance!

We would all love to be eternally happy forever but that’s not how life really works out. And moreover, if you are not ever sad, you won't really know the joy of being happy!

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6. You learn that a coin has two sides every time!

Until now, you were only seeing the good side of people and things in the world. A heartbreak will teach you to be more practical and as a life experience, it’ll make you wiser and stronger!

7. You will no longer trust people blindly

This is to not say that you'd become cynical because we are all a tad bit naive and want to believe that like us, most people work with the best of intentions. But a heartbreak will help you take everything with a pinch of salt.

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8. You learn to put yourself first

Often in a relationship your identity and existence become so intertwined with the other person that you don’t even realize it until it is over. So, a breakup can actually help you take a step back and know your true worth. That you should actually put yourself first, no matter what!

9. You become self-dependent

And truth be told, having an entire pizza by yourself is not such a bad idea after all!

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