13 Reasons You Probably Need A Mallu Bestie In Your Life!

13 Reasons You Probably Need A Mallu Bestie In Your Life!

People from God’s own country are awesome - Kerala has the country’s healthiest sex ratio and the highest literacy rate. The beautiful backwaters and a delicious cuisine is something to boast of as well! We travel far and wide for work and great education, which is why we are everywhere, you know. And because of that statistic, it is imperative that you should have us as your best friend. Here are 13 reasons you all need a Malayali bestie!

1. Where else will you find awesome food?

We are not having Idlis and Dosas all day. Have you ever tried Malabari food?

1  reasons we need a malayali bestie rani mukkherjee

And if you’re from the unlucky lot, here is a ready to make Upma that you can devour (Rs 68)

2. You have someone to give you great advice on gold

After all, it’s a long-term investment and some advice always helps. Who better than your Malayali friend to give you great gold advice? They know best!

3. You get to know amazing facts about Tollywood!

Did you know that many Bollywood movies are a remake of Malayalam films? And the latter is always better than the remakes.  

Get your hands on this pack of popcorn while you’re watching one of these masterpieces (Rs 102)

4. You will finally get your Geography right

It is important to know that the entire South of India is not ‘Madras’. There are Malayalis, Kannadigas, Tamilians, etc. and they ALL belong to South India!

5. They befriend the Nurse chechis within no time

And they bond with them so well that your injections are not painful anymore! *wink*

6. You get a chance to visit the most beautiful state in India

They don’t call Kerala as God’s own country for nothing. And if you plan a trip there, you will never have trouble looking for a place to stay either!

6  reasons we need a malayali bestie sonakshi sinha

You need some good music while you’re visiting quaint locations with this JBL speakers (Rs 2,190)

7. Not just that, they know so many people who live in the ‘Gelf’!

A lot of their relatives stay in the Middle East and they always get you awesome goodies when they return. Also, another country you won’t have troubles looking for an accommodation! Win-Win!

8. Onam =  food coma!

With a variety of over 30 dishes on a single Banana leaf, this will guarantee the most blissful food coma!

And to digest all that food, have honey (Rs 135) with luke warm water and save yourself from the food coma!

9. You will get to learn a little bit of Malayalam, aka ALL the swear words!

‘Poda patti’, Tendi, to begin with! PS - watch it before you say it in front of the Mallu folks!

10. Tongue twister names will help you master the art of fluent speaking

Thekkeparambil Muttu Swami Nair will surely alter your linguistic abilities (in a good way, of course!)

11. You will finally know the reason they are in love with their actors!

Yeah, say a word against Mohanlal and you would have had it.

11  reasons we need a malayali bestie deepika padukone

Watch this great Malayalam movie (Rs 129) to know why

12. They will be the best tutors during exam time!

98 percent literacy for nothing, son!

13. You will get to attend a South Indian wedding which just lasts for 10 minutes

Unlike Punjabi weddings that last for days! No, we’re not complaining.

And if you’re asked to attend one, wear this pretty traditional saree (Rs 499) that will make heads turn.