7 Reasons Why Taking A Trip With Your Girls Is The Best Thing EVER!

7 Reasons Why Taking A Trip With Your Girls Is The Best Thing EVER!

If you’re a Sex And The City fan, you will know the importance of travelling with your girlfriends. Remember how the girls take Carrie to Mexico when Mr Big leaves her at the altar on their wedding? Girlfriends are very important and taking trips with them is ‘importanter’ (if you know what we mean.) If you need more encouragement, we are here to give you a few more reasons!

1. It will give you all something to look forward to

With our mundane lifestyle and daily schedules, it gets a tad boring doesn’t it? Nobody likes to live the same life everyday which is why it’s great to look forward to something special. Haven’t you heard? You need insane trips to stay sane.

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2. It’s the best way to bond

They say, you get to know someone when you live with them. And when you already know them so well, this is the best way to make that sister bond super duper strong!

3. To celebrate how far you guys have come together

Not only do you get to put aside the small miseries of your life, but you can also celebrate the fact that you have been friends for such a long time.

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4. To make a million memories for years to come

What do we live for? Memories! Go to a new place and make a million memories with your girl gang so that you can show your children what it means to have someone to lean on! Speaking of pictures, use the new OPPO F3 and take a million snaps while you’re at it. With its incredible camera features, there will never ever be a dull moment!

5. The no filter conversations!

Who better than our girlfriends to talk about sex, boys and almost everything else that is there. Your girlfriends are the best people to have all sorts of no filter conversations with. It’s the chance to make those confessions that you have not even made to yourself.

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6. Even the longest of journeys can be super fun!

Long road trips or the longest ferry rides? You will not be bored even for a minute because your girlies are there there with you It’s just funny how you every hour feels like a second when they’re around!

7. Packing your vacay wardrobe together *Wink*

Your clothes + Their clothes = Our clothes! Needless to say, it becomes easy to pack for a trip with them because even if you’re missing out on something, you know they’ve packed it for you! *Heart*

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