10 Reasons Why Having A Devar Is So Much Fun!

10 Reasons Why Having A Devar Is So Much Fun!

You’re the newest member of the fam, while he is (probably!) the youngest and you two get along famously with each other. After all, the camaraderie you share with your brother-in-law is pretty unique. Here are 10 more reasons why having a devar is the best thing ever!

1. You don’t miss having your own brother around too much, because your devar starts playing kinda the same role in your life after marriage.

And eventually, you start feeling protective of him and begin caring about him just the way you did for your own bhai.

2. You have someone to binge watch TV shows with.

You can just slump down on the couch next to him and watch whatever is playing on the TV and have fun at it. He’s easy to hang around with! #NoDrama

2 having a devar - watching tv

3. Plus, you can totally depend upon him to finish up some last minute chores for you, make a quick trip to the market or simply drive you around.

You may have to treat him later to his fav food, but you know he’d always help you out.

4. He’s also the best person to entertain your own siblings when they come over.

Your siblings and your devar seem like relatives-turned-friends who always look forward to meeting each other. It’s so amazing to watch them get along with each other.

4 having a devar

5. He also keeps you entertained at boring family functions.

While your husband may leave your side at times to meet relatives and friends, your devar will often stick around to make introductions and then quietly fill you in on the quirks of each one. Without him by your side, you might just have died of boredom at never-ending family functions.

6. He tries his best to make you feel like a part of the family.

He almost takes it upon himself to narrate every small and big event that makes up for the family history of your in-laws. He keeps trying to make you a part of little family traditions and never lets you feel like an outsider to the party.

6 having a devar - we are a family

7. He’s like the friend at home you can chill with.

You are a little formal and reserved with your in-laws, but you can be yourself with him and it’s such a relief to have someone like that around at home, all the time.

8. You’re not his mother or his elder sister – he feels safe then, to confide all his girlfriend troubles in you.

He knows you’ll understand and cover up for him at home, if need be. His confidence in you makes you feel even more responsible for him.

8 having a devar - dil dhadakne do

9. You can trust him (and his friends!) to get you the best food in town at absolutely odd hours of the day or night.

You know you’ll always find company in him for food, even if he’s full.

10. He teases you to no end and you too enjoy taking his case…

But, you know that he’ll ardently support you, in every possible way and fight for you, if ever the need arises.

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