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35 *Realistic But Cute* Marriage Vows You MUST Make On Your Wedding!

35 *Realistic But Cute* Marriage Vows You MUST Make On Your Wedding!

The sacred pheras and the chants recited by the pandit ji are a pivotal part of every wedding. But, apart from those vows that you make on your wedding, you should definitely make some sweet, quirky and realistic promises to each other, things you’ll actually do! Here are 35 such fun marriage vows which you should go through and maybe come up with your own version of them.

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1. “I promise to accept you as the person you are, no matter how weird, crazy or stupid you may be!”

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2. “I promise to pick a restaurant when you ask me where I want to eat, instead of saying, ‘I don’t know, where do you want to go?’”

3. “I swear I will listen to you always and not talk over you, especially when I know you’re right and I’m being unreasonable.”

4. “I promise to say the truth ALWAYS (in the most discreet way possible) when you ask me if your hairstyle looks good, whether or not you look fat, whatever!”

5. “I promise (pakka promise) to eat what I ordered, even if I like your food better. I will not switch plates, but a bite or two is fine, yeah?” *evil grin*

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6. “I vow to shower you with kisses every morning, without caring about morning breath!”

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7. “I promise to listen to your rants and cribbing when you have a bad day and if you need to crib about your colleagues or boss whenever you feel like.”

8. “I vow to have your back and always support you, even when I know you’re wrong, because what else are partners for! I might give you a lecture about it later, though!”

9. “I promise to bear with all your gross and irritating habits (I’ll obviously complain about them), and not give you hell for them!”

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10. “I promise to not make you sleep in the living room when we have a huge fight. You can take the sofa in our room or the bathtub, your choice.”

11. “I vow to have awesome, floor-breaking sex with you every day (maybe that’s over ambitious, but let’s try!)”

12. “I promise to be your bestie, and also back you up in the all the crazy pranks you pull on people!”

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13. “I promise to try and be friends with your buddies, even if I don’t like them much! Also, I’ll never ask you to choose between them or me, I know they mean a lot to you, however silly they are!”

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14. “I solemnly swear that we’ll have a ‘pizza day’ during the week, a day on which we do nothing but ‘Netflix and chill’.”

15. “I promise to love you even when you start putting on weight, having saggy skin or losing your hair. You will always be my sexy beast!”

16. “I promise to not bring fight number 2341 into fight number 5643. No really, promise!”

17. “I vow to always take and respect your opinion in all decisions that affect us. Be it starting a family, buying a house, adopting a pet or just about anything. Your opinion will always matter.”

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18. “I promise to not expect you to just know what’s on my mind. I will always say it and make it clear!”

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19. “I vow to have late-nights with you, even on working weekdays, if you want someone to talk to.”

20. “I promise to not kick you out of bed in winters when you touch me with your cold hands and feet. I’ll try and warm them up or get you a hot water bag!”

21. “I promise to be more adventurous in bed…and otherwise. You know, treks, drunken nights, motorcycle rides and everything. Totally up for it!”

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22. “I vow to be silly with you and laugh on all your silly PJs. I’ll not judge you for your weird sense of humour.”

23. “I promise to not judge you for all your expenses or crazy shopping sprees.”

24. “I will remember all the important dates and days. And, I promise to make it up to you if I ever forget anything that is of importance to us!”

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25. “I promise to not talk to you in the morning before I have had my coffee, so as to not have any unnecessary fights!”

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26. “I swear I will TRY and not argue with you when I’m PMSing or hungry or both. I’ll make sure I have food or chocolate in my system, so that I don’t crib about unnecessary things.”

27. “I promise to poke you, nudge you and irritate you with my antics till the end of time. I also promise to be ready for the same treatment from you as well (I know I won’t be spared!)”

28. “I will watch every movie you want to, even if we know it’s gonna be crap. In return, I want you to sit with me through whatever I’m watching, especially horror films at night!”

29. “I promise to never complain about your obsession with cricket, football, sappy TV shows or whatever it is that you’re obsessed with.”

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30. “I promise to NEVER leave you alone, even when you ask me to. We’re in this together, buddy!”

31. “I promise to check people out with you when we go on dates or clubbing!”

32. “Talking about dates, I promise that even after we’re married, we’ll have the most special and romantic date nights ever!”

33. “I promise to get together with you and make other couples feel jealous of us…we’ll be that AWESOME! Even teenage couples will feel old when they see us together, I bet ya!”

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34. “I vow to not spoil the ending of a movie or book for you, EVER! If I do, you can punish me the way you like (I prefer kinky stuff, rest is upto you!)”

35. “And most importantly, I promise to always be by your side, love and cherish you and be there for you when you need me.”

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