POPxo Launches Its First-Ever Digital Magazine - POPxo Wedding!

POPxo Launches Its First-Ever Digital Magazine - POPxo Wedding!

At POPxo, we constantly reinvent everything we do - keeping a few constants in mind. Our DNA is digital. We firmly believe that the mobile phone is the best way to reach the millennial audience. It is where we compete for their attention. A brand campaign’s ROI depends on the metrics of reach and conversion. Given all this, publishing is slowly, but surely going digital.

I grew up reading magazines. I still get a buzz when they feature me. There is a brand value attached to magazines and that is their validation. Magazines are well produced, glossy - and that makes the content feel premium. But what they do not have is the ubiquity, scale and reach commanded by the digital media.

At POPxo, we reach millions, arguably we are the largest digital content platform for Indian women. We produce almost 2000 pieces of content every month across stories, videos and social media. We run our own website and apps as well as large, active and engaged verticals on all major social media channels - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

In August 2017 alone, 3.2 million hours were spent on POPxo content. Users engaged with it (i.e. read, watched, liked, commented or shared) 212 million times, including 178 million video views. We had 10.8 million monthly active users and 2.2 billion impressions. Our audience is 80% female. It's a coveted demographic, especially in India where men starkly outnumber women online.

So when you put the production value, social validation and premium perception of print media together with the digital clout of POPxo - and give the reader the ability to instantly click and buy the product she likes and you end up with POPxo Wedding - our very first digital magazine. Conceptualised, styled and shot in-house.

It’s an experiment - but if it works the payout is worth it. Contextual commerce or content-led commerce is the holy grail for e-commerce as it gets users to transact not by deep discounts or by buying large volumes of traffic, but by the power of content and brand.

With POPxo digital magazine we welcome you to the #NewDigital - where the production quality of print and the reach of digital media come together to create a shoppable format that is both user and brand-friendly.

The plan ahead? Every week, one POPxo vertical will launch its digital magazine - POPxo Fashion is next, followed by POPxo Beauty and POPxo Daily.

#POPxoWeddingIssue is out.  Download it now!!! www.popxo.com/weddingissue