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Pole Fitness Is The Latest Trend And We’re SO Onboard!

Pole Fitness Is The Latest Trend And We’re SO Onboard!

Jacqueline recently set the screen and Instagram on fire with her pole dancing skills in A Gentleman. While she learnt the skill from Lana Roxy specifically for the film, it’s safe to say that people are obsessed with fitness trends now, more than ever. From Crossfit to Parkour to Kickboxing, there are all sorts of new and innovative workouts to not only strengthen the body but also to keep things engaging for a generation that tends to lose interest very quickly. While, we’re all for trying out different (and crazy) fitness trends, the latest one that has our full attention, and our heart, is pole fitness. Pole fitness, as the name suggests, is pole dancing but with the sole purpose of getting fitter!

The benefits of the same are too many to be counted on your fingers! It is much harder than it looks and involves a lot of core and upper body strength making it perfect for anybody who is looking to lose weight and become leaner. It also combines the benefits of multiple exercises - strength, endurance and flexibility training - in one fun activity.

But that’s not all! The psychological benefits of this workout are unmatched too! Imagine the kind of self confidence you’ll gain from this risqué workout. The positive body reinforcement it gives you also reflects in different areas of your life. Not only that, the classes are a no-judgement zone so you can go ahead, let loose and have a lot of safe fun.

We’re so onboard with this fitness trend and are going to try it out for ourselves. Will you?