#MythNoMore: Is lemon good for hair? Really?

#MythNoMore: Is lemon good for hair? Really?

A couple of years ago, one of my college friends made a comment about using lemon juice to lighten her hair. At first I laughed, but then I thought to myself, does lemon juice really lighten hair? It felt so unreal! If it were true, just imagine how much money women would save at salons and buying store-bought products! (Yep, the number would add to huge figure)

Even though we moved our separate ways after college got over, the thought of “Is lemon good for hair?” or the urge for trying the hack kept playing on my mind from time to time. So this week, I decided to finally give it a shot. I am anyway going to colour my hair next month so I did not really mind trying a home remedy first before visiting the salon.


1. Lemon juice

2. Fresh Water

1 internal lemon juice really lighten hair


To test lemon for hair, I first cut 2 lemons in halves and used a lemon squeezer to extract its juice. After pouring the juice into a glass, I added half a cup of water. I used a spoon to mix both liquids well and poured it into an empty spray bottle. Every morning before I left for work, I would spray some on my hair and leave it on for the whole day so that it could take effect. I did this for 4 days in a row to check the impact of using lemon for hair.

Desired results:

This remedy aims at using lemon for hair for lightening hair naturally and making locks look glossy and pretty!

Expert speak:

I got in touch with a dear friend who is a hairstylist by profession and has worked with L’Oreal salons. His name is Ankur Thakkar and popularly known as Andy among most salons in Mumbai. We had a chat a few days ago about if lemon is good for hair he had some pretty interesting things to point out. He told me, “This lemon for hair home remedy may have worked for many people, but as far as my experience and knowledge is concerned, I personally feel that using lemon juice on your hair won't give you much satisfactory results. It’s because lemons contain a small amount of citric acid and it will take a lot of those for maximum effect. If lemon juice is used on hair for a prolonged period of time, its oxidizing process will reduce the hair colour pigment and cause it to lighten. Similar to what moisture and heat does to your hair, citric acid too can open up the cuticles and strip hair from its natural pigments. Also, the hair might get brittle over a period of time. In a nutshell, it won't give you the same lightening results as you might get in a salon treatment. Plus, the results with lemon for hair would be very vague and unpredictable. It’s ultimately your call at the end of the day.”

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Results achieved:

2 internal lemon juice really lighten hair

Well, my hairstylist was right. The experiment did not go the way I planned. My locks barely lightened. By the end of the experiment, my hair’s texture changed. My poor strands became rough, dry and brittle. I could blame Mumbai’s moody weather for messing with my hair either. I don’t think I will every try this experiment again. I may probably try it on a wig first, but on my own hair, that’s a BIG no-no!  

The verdict:

I know a few friends who swear by using this home remedy, but it somehow did not work for me. There’s not much of an evident difference in my hair’s colour. I think it differs from person to person. After all, to each his own.

Until next time, amigos!