#MyStory: You Broke My Heart And Then…

#MyStory: You Broke My Heart And Then…

I sat on my window, my hands folded and resting on each other, my gaze was fixed on the rain outside, wondering how the drops disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.

Gentle wind blew my hair, making a thousand unanswered thoughts cross my mind with each passing breath. I loved this rain, this mood, this loneliness, this strength, this time alone with myself.

The weather took me away from all the worldly fuss and noise, my fears and my constant memories of the time I had spent with you.

I remembered being extremely happy when we were together. I smiled without inhibitions, I had a shoulder to cry, a hand to hold, a heart who loved, a soul to share, a person to care. The world was all the same but I had YOU.

This was not the first time in this last one year without you that I had a heavy heart, tears rolling down my cheeks from time to time and my heart hoping against all hopes that you would return. But this was the first time, that I had begun to let go.

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Internal broke my heart - girl in train thinking

There used to be nights I used to wait for you to return my calls, to talk to you about my day, make you laugh with my poor jokes only to imagine that big grin spread across your face. But none of it happened. You just drifted apart and I kept blaming myself to have been so needy and demanding of your constant time and attention. But now, I know better.

I don’t think I will ever confront or blame you for hurting me, I fell in love far too quickly and far too much and I couldn’t put a break on my feelings even when you said that you couldn’t reciprocate my overtures. I gambled on this relationship, giving it everything I had. And although I lost, truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, “If you never try you never know.”

For the longest time, you were just another face in a sea of acquaintances. But then, with a sudden twist of fate, you became an important part of my life. And with the same kind of unpredictability, you found your way out too.

It was a painful reconciliation with myself. But our breakup doesn’t bother me as much anymore. You moved on and now, so have I. If I could turn back time, I would not have it any other way.

I am still glad that our paths collided the way they did.

You will never understand the consequences of your actions, but I believe that and time really heals everything. If you didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have realized how strong I actually am.

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