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#MyStory: I Am Losing Faith In Love Because Of Him…

#MyStory: I Am Losing Faith In Love Because Of Him…

You dated many women, you had one longest relationship which did not work for you! After that, it was a continuous ride of one night stands, sometimes more than few nights, sometimes you really liked few and they ditched you and rest all were clearly casual. Then came my chapter in your book. I fell in love with an unapologetically honest person who told everything he has done in the past. Your past, your present and your journey of being a passionate lover to someone who didn’t believe in relationships.

Then came a day, where you told me you loved me, I felt on top of the world. You know that feeling when you finally see something happening to you. Every passionate kiss of yours had a meaning.

You called me when no one was available for you to talk to. You met me when no one made plans with you. I thought all these were your expressions of love and I pampered you. I flew to your city to see you even it was for two days. I cooked every meal for you and fed you myself.

Internal lose my faith in love

You visited your friends, cousins, family and you completely kept me invisible. I thought that you were conscious and taking your time. Little did I know what you were doing to this relationship is draining its life. You had all the temporary pleasures you could have. You continue certain of these still and I accepted this part of you and whenever you did it, I respected your space. Though I worry about it, I did not judge you. But I did not realize that I was one of those pleasures. I did not get that the want to indulge in these temporary pleasures were more than wanting to talk to me.

I was one of the habits you picked up but clearly a less important one. I longed to get an emotional attachment from you. I longed for a good morning kiss. I longed for a long conversation.

You were constantly in touch with your past and I will still did not have a problem with it. But I did wonder about how involved you could be. But I didn’t think your actions would make me feel so hurt and so weird. You’re making me lose my faith in love and I really don’t want that to happen.

I want to believe in love but you’re making it really difficult.

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Published on Sep 2, 2017
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