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#MyStory: I Met Him After I Got My Heart Broken…

#MyStory: I Met Him After I Got My Heart Broken…

During my school days I was kind of shy and quiet. I hardly ever talked to guys unless needed. It was after my 10th grade when I started doing a diploma in Information Technology that I started to make new and all kinds of friends and ended up being part of a huge group. We were the kind of people who’d bunk classes, hang out in the college canteen, check out new places and do all of this together.

Ayaan was also part of this group and that’s how I met him. Considering we used to have adjacent computers in our lab, we started to talk more than everybody else. Be it study related doubts or cracking jokes in the class, Ayaan and I gelled together pretty well. Soon everybody else started teasing us by each other’s name and the idea of dating each other settles itself nicely in both of our minds.

Then he proposed and I said yes.

Internal i met him after i got dumped - couple in love

But as soon as that happened, his behaviour kind of changed towards me. He didn’t talk to me as much as before. All my happiness for my first relationship started to fizzle out and I wished we could go back to when we were just friends. I couldn’t understand what had happened and how someone could change so fast.And I didn’t understand this until one day he called me and told me he wanted to meet me. He explained to me how his parents had found out about us which is why he hadn’t been able to give me anytime. His dad had been furious and hadn’t talked to him for the past four days. I was puzzled about what to do so I told him I’d support whatever decision he takes. He suggested we break up because he didn’t want to hurt his parents. And like I had promised, I supported his decision and we stopped talking.

But it didn’t end there. Just a few days later I found out that he was dating someone else. I was shocked and hurt. I wasn’t expecting this but my friends who had kept mum during this whole incident told me how he had dated quite a few girls previously and hadn’t been serious about any of them. I was heartbroken and angry that everyone had kept me in the dark and decided never to let anyone fool me again.

It was almost 8 months after this that I met Dev online. And we felt an instant connection with each other. We ended up talking about our past and how we had been betrayed and it became a common ground for us to talk and help each other out.

He understood me like nobody else and today, even after 3 years, we are dating each other and I couldn’t be happier!

*Names changed to protect privacy

Images: Shutterstock

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Published on Sep 4, 2017
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