#MyStory: I Kissed My Best Friend By Mistake And…

#MyStory: I Kissed My Best Friend By Mistake And…

Me and my best friend, Vandan, were going to watch a movie and like always, Mumbai traffic was our biggest concern so we headed out two hours before the actual timing of the movie. I always had a soft corner in my heart for Vandan and irrespective of the fact that he is just my friend, always fantasized of him as my star-crossed lover.

Vandan was an introvert and it was very difficult to predict if he liked anyone or not. We were on his bike, waiting for the traffic to move, when another bike with two guys came near and started to pass weird comments at me. They even threw some popcorn towards me. I ignored them and moved closer to Vandan. But the comments didn’t stop. Vandan looked at them angrily but I asked him to ignore as well. Once the traffic signal changed to green, he took a shortcut to reach the theatre early but the guys kept following us. Overtaking us, they stopped the bike right in front, forcing us to stop as well.

One of the guys walked towards us and took out the key from the ignition. Vandan was very angry by now and I was truly worried. “Jiya get off the bike. The theatre is not far way, we can walk.” he said with gritted teeth.

One of those guys moved in closer to me and asked “Come, dear. Your place or mine?” Vandan pushed him away, quickly grabbing some sand off the road and throwing it in his eye. Then he took my hand and we ran towards a nearby bus.

Internal kissed my best friend

We could still hear the boys shouting behind us. My heart was pounding and I was sure it was going to explode. Vandan stood extremely close to me. I could smell his cologne and almost feel his lips...on mine. He inched towards me and unsure about how to react, I kissed him.

He immediately pulled himself away. “Jiya are you okay? What was this?” I was confused and didn’t know how to answer that “I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to but…”

I was interrupted by an even more intense kiss from Vandan. “I love you…” he said, pulling off “I always have. For these four years, you were the one I always dreamt about.”

I smiled and couldn’t help but blush, we shared another kiss...almost forgetting that we were in a bus! “I love you too!” I said, and we quickly got off the bus. After spending some more time we decided to go back to the bike, and surprisingly, it was safe and just the way it was.

We went and watched the movie and then had dinner after that. We kept talking and years worth of love started to spill out. It was the best day of my life.

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