#MyStory: I Got Married At The Age Of 20 & I Don’t Regret It!

#MyStory: I Got Married At The Age Of 20 & I Don’t Regret It!

Graduation, post graduation, job, and marriage - this was the sequence of life events I thought I would follow. But seems the universe had other plans and marriage happened much earlier than planned. How early you ask? Well, I got married at the age of 20, during the 2nd year of my graduation. Twenty years ago, a girl getting married at 20 would’ve been normal, but nowadays most people form way too many notions about it. A hasty decision, is there something wrong with her - these are just few of the things I heard my relatives and friends say. But whatever people might have said (and still say, maybe), I believe that getting married to Ankit was the best decision ever.

I was introduced to him at a cousin’s wedding by my aunt, when I was a little over 19 and in my second year of college. Ankit, who was all of 23 then, had just returned after completing his MBA from Dubai. We talked for a bit and bonded over our love for sports. He was excited about the fact that I was a state-level basketball player! We exchanged numbers (while our matchmakers exchanged secret smiles) and that was how it began.

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We started talking on WhatsApp, basically exchanging silly forwarded jokes and messages at first, and before we knew it, we were chatting into the wee hours of night. Then began the phone calls, Skype chats and yes, even a few dates, which my parents were super happy about, but never really said anything.

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This went on for about a couple of months and then one fine day my mother walked up to me and said, “Ankit’s parents want us to meet them day after tomorrow. Are you okay with it?” Ankit and I already knew, right from day one, of what our parents were up to, but this was like an official confirmation of the fact. I told my mom that I was fine with it, and yep, the meeting was set.

The night before we had to meet his family, my mom came to my room, and sat me down with her. We talked till about 4 in the morning. She knew what the meeting would lead to and asked me if I was sure about him and about getting married so soon. I assured my mother that I really did love Ankit and could see my happily-ever-after with him. It was an emotional chat that ended with lots of hugs and happy tears.

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The thing with marriages in India is that you don’t just get married to the person, but his whole family too. And that kind of scared me! But all the fears and inhibitions I had were put to rest after meeting Ankit’s huge, warm and welcoming family. His parents were the sweetest people and after having spent so much time with them now, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for better in-laws.

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We tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony in January, 2015. It’s been more than two years and life has been amazing. We do have our share of ups and downs, but who doesn’t?! Yes we sometimes discuss how we’ve not had many of those sneaky dates but that’s okay. We have a great family who are supportive of all our decisions. The biggest one being not having kids for at least the first 5 years of our marriage.

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And the best part? I finished my graduation and post graduation after marriage and my mother-in-law would even stay up at night to give me company during exams. I am about to start my new job and life just feels complete. They say what is destined to happen, happens. I always thought that I would wait until I was 25 to get married. A good job and a crazy bachelorette trip were on the top of my list. While marriage happened, it did not stop me from any of this. I still take trips with my girls and I have all the degrees to back me up. I did not miss out on anything in life and got much more than I could have ever asked for.

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*Names changed to protect privacy

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