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Lipstick Junkies Assemble! These Are My Go To Lippies For When I’m Feelin’ Fancy

Okay, I am a self-confessed beauty junkie (duh!). But more than that, I am a lip everything hoarder! On a good (or bad) day you can ransack my bag and be sure you will find at least 4 different lip colours, 2 glosses, 5 lip balms and Narnia. I’m not kidding, it might be in there. Anyway, coming back to the point, I love lippies. For someone who says that I do not wear lipstick as often as I would like. But, here I have my top go to lipsticks for every mood and occasion and why I love them, in no particular order! I am not going to hurt their feelings.

How many favourites do you have? 

Published on Sep 3, 2017
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