I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For A Week And…

I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For A Week And…

Yes, I’m a fashion writer, but I’m not the most stylish person. Not even close. Comfort comes first for me and I buy anything that I think looks good and is comfortable at the same time! I usually wear jeans with a t-shirt or a shift dress to work. On a special day, I swap my jeans with a cute skirt and a nice blouse. That’s how simple I like to keep it!

There are a lot of things in my wardrobe that I love, but don’t wear simply because of I’m not confident I would be able to pull it off. “My legs are too big” or “I have thunder thighs,” … and the list or self criticism goes on. My boyfriend, Nikhil, on the other hand, doesn’t agree with me. He sees me as a completely different person and sometimes even suggests what I could wear! He has a decent sense of style and knows how to match colours well. So I thought, it’ll be fun to let him dress me for a week.

Before you start checking out the looks he put together, let me tell you that I’m quite camera shy and the images that follow don’t look straight out of a fashion blog.

Day 1

‘I approve!’

1 boyfriend dressed me for a week

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: Nikhil has a thing for skirts. Especially pencil skirts! He picked this out because he likes the chic vibe a pencil skirt has. He paired it with a white off-shoulder top for a trendy update. Plus, I never wear anything close to formals to work and he really wanted me to dress up for once!

My workplace doesn’t require me to dress up in a certain way so I would *never* wear this to office. I’m not comfortable wearing pencil skirts with flats because in my head, my calves are the biggest ones the world has ever seen! So pulling off this look wasn’t easy. But I got complimented by my colleagues at work and after a while I felt quite confident too. I might just wear this to work again!  

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Day 2

‘Do I look like a nurse?’

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: He loves cutesy, minimal dresses. He had his eyes on this blue tent dress for a while. So when he finally got the chance to dress me up, I wasn’t surprised he picked it.

I love this dress too! But there’s a slight problem. It isn’t the best pick for my body type. Which is why when I wore this twirl-worthy dress, I thought I looked like a balloon and the combination of colours made me look like a nurse. A colleague of mine actually said that too! I was instantly sure that it isn’t making it to my workwear section - ever!

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Day 3

‘Not completely out of my comfort zone’

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: Remember how I told you that Nikhil has a thing for skirts? I usually wear this skirt with the same black top but instead of wearing open toe flats, I wear my black sneakers. I think they add an edgy look to the outfit but Nikhil thinks they make me look like I’m going to school.  

I didn’t mind this look at all. It was a little different from what I would wear but not completely out of my comfort zone. I’d wear it again!

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Day 4

‘Might be my go-to!’

4 boyfriend dressed me for a week

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: For day 4 he decided to dress me up in my printed vest, asked me to roll up my jeans and team it up with sneakers. According to him, this outfit has a very easy going, casual vibe.

It was comfortable for sure. I absolutely hated how I looked in it because it made me look shorter than I am and highlighted my calves. The sneakers further added to the misery of this look. But since the outfit was so comfortable, I might swap the sneakers for neutral flats, roll down my jeans and wear this again!   

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Day 5

‘I had to suck in my stomach the whole day!

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: Yes, you guessed it right, he loves skirts! He chose the most body hugging skirt I own and asked me to wear a black sheer top with it. Topped it off with a bralette for a sexy touch and sneakers for an edgy look.

Clearly, he doesn’t understand how a woman’s body functions. I wore this outfit right before my period and my stomach was bloated like a balloon! Really not the best time to wear something so body hugging. I had to suck in my stomach the whole day! I loved how this combination looked but the timing wasn’t great!  

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Day 6

‘I should dress up more often!’

6 boyfriend dressed me for a week

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: He loves Indian wear because he thinks women look beautiful in it. He made a mess of my cupboard looking for something remotely Indian and found this straight pants and kurta outfit I got stitched for myself.   

Since I’m too lazy to dress up, I never wore this outfit that I got made from scratch, even once. Guess what? I instantly felt pretty as soon as I wore it! I’m definitely going to wear this more often!  

Day 7

‘Wouldn’t change a thing!’

7 boyfriend dressed me for a week

Why Nikhil picked this outfit: Nikhil bought this top for me so he keeps asking me to wear it every single time I ask him for a suggestion! According to him, a monochrome top and well-fitted jeans with a pair of heels, make for a chic work outfit.

These are my go-to skinny jeans and I absolutely love these wedges for how comfortable they are! Since Nikhil bought this top for me, I always love wearing it. This turned out to be a fail safe outfit I’d definitely wear again. Minus the heels, maybe!  

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This experiment was actually a lot of fun! I realized that how I see myself isn’t how everyone sees me. What might be a big issue in my head, might not even occur to someone. So I’m not going to hold back on anything and wear what I want - regardless of my body type!