7 Movies Perfect For A Night In With Your Boyfriend

7 Movies Perfect For A Night In With Your Boyfriend

We know your boyfriend and you might not have the same taste when it comes to movies. But sometimes all you want to do on a Saturday night, after a long day at work, is coil up in bed with the love of your life and binge watch. Without having a fight about which movie to watch, of course! If you just sighed and termed that impossible then you’re at the right place! Here are 7 movies that will become your go-to picks!

1. Friends with Benefits

1 movies to watch with your boyfriend friends with benefits

Starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, this one is a super cute love story between two people who are part-time lovers and full-time friends. How their relationship takes a U-turn when they mess things up forms the plot of the story. The plot is cute but OTT mushy and that is why he will like it too!

Get your own copy of the DVD here so you don’t have to download or stream it. (Rs 849).

2. I Love You, Man!

2 movies to watch with your boyfriend i love you man

Starring Paul Rudd who already has our heart, this movie is not only cute but it’s super duper funny. You can watch it with him on a night when you both want to just get a good laugh. He will surely love this pick!

Buy this DVD (Rs 449) to also sneakily say ‘I Love You’ without really saying it!

3. The Break Up

3 movies to watch with your boyfriend the breakup

Not only will your boyfriend enjoy seeing Jennifer Anniston, but both of you will actually have moments when you will look at each other and say “That’s us!” From the fights to the mushy moments, this movie has it all!

Enjoy the mush in high definition when you got this DVD (Rs 449).

4. Titanic

4 movies to watch with your boyfriend titanic

Sometimes you want to go back to the basics. And what is better than watching an all time classic love story with the love of your life? This is one movie that never get’s old and will take you “to the stars” within no time! *wink*

Get this classic DVD (Rs 537) and add it to your collection because it’s Titanic, of course!

5. Wonder Woman

5 movies to watch with your boyfriend wonder woman

About time he knows that superheroes can be women too. Since it’s action and romance combined it will be interesting for both of you. So, what are you waiting for? Do a Wonder Woman night super soon!

Get your guy the Wonder Woman (Rs 899) blue ray, actually. He’ll thank you.

6. La La Land

6 movies to watch with your boyfriend lala land

Statutory warning before you watch this movie - Ryan Gosling will absolutely distract you from the real hero of your life. A musical which is so delightful to watch, this is one movie that you don’t want to miss!

Let your partner get some charm lessons Gosling style (Rs 537).

7. Way We Were

7 movies to watch with your boyfriend way we were

This is one all time classic that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Just like your boyfriend! So, if you’re in the mood to feel all lovey-dovey, we suggest you watch this movie. Hoping he is not your Hubbell (a reference you’ll get once you watch the movie!), go ahead and watch this movie and fall in love again!

Get the DVD (Rs 1,523) because this is one movie you don’t wanna miss!

Here’s wishing you a Saturyay!