If You’re The Monica Geller Of Your Group, You’ll LOVE This Product

If You’re The Monica Geller Of Your Group, You’ll LOVE This Product

No one can deny that Monica Geller is an iconic character and that she was the glue that held the ‘Friends’ family together. What was so particular about her was that the producers managed to create a character that was annoyingly cute and lovingly neurotic! The one trait of hers that made her SO relatable was her incessant need to have everything around her super clean.

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While she sometimes took things to an extreme level (she categorized her towels as ‘everyday use’, ‘fancy’, ‘guest’, and ‘fancy-guest’) - there are some people who have, well, cleaning issues in general. Some of them can’t even stand the slightest of dust around us while many of us are okay with a messy room.

But we can agree on one thing - we want our toilets spick and span! We women especially struggle when we’re using a public restroom. They’re usually filthy and we hate the thought of risking an infection. If you detest using a public restroom then we have one product that will be your knight in shining armour.

USpray toilet seat sanitizer is a simple yet safe and effective product that ensures that you steer clear of germs, no matter where you go. Since it costs Rs. 99 and is sized to fit your palm, you don’t have to break the bank for this neither will it take up too much space in your bag. You can just add it to your cute little makeup bag and be on the go, without any stress. Another plus? It smells amazing!

Not just this but USpray ensures that you steer clear of UTIs! If using a dirty toilet is your worst nightmare, then you need this travel-sized product. All you need to do is shake it, spray it and put it right back in your bag.

Check out this funny commercial to know every girl’s struggle when she uses a public washroom!

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*This is a sponsored post for Uspray.