10 Makeup Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Go 'Me Too'!

10 Makeup Struggles That Will Make Every Woman Go 'Me Too'!

From Gigi's bright combination eyeshadow makeup to Deepika’s stellar green eyes at Cannes, from Kendall Jenner’s bold brown lips at the runway to Sonam Kapoor knocking the ball out of the park with those quintessential red lips - celebrities have famous makeup artists at their disposal. Well, we too try these trends out on our own, albeit with some struggles.  Here are 10 makeup struggles that’ll make every woman go ‘me too’!

1. Flick gone wrong

Some of us are quite late to the eyeliner game, so a better part of our mornings are spent getting that perfect flick at the edge of our eyes. Sometimes we have our way, otherwise, the line just keeps extending towards our forehead, and incessant rubbing and reapplying just makes it look like someone has punched us in the eye.

1 makeup struggles

2. Lippy game off

You know you are a classy lady, but sometimes the lipstick just smears around your lips, without any fault of yours. We mean, except the fact that you ingested a considerable portion of it with your sandwich. So now you just look like a deranged person, who doesn't know where her lips begin and end.

3. Fifty shades of foundation woes

We all tend to have assumptions about our complexion and buy a base after applying it on our wrist. Fun fact - your wrists and face are very likely to have a different skin tone. So when you buy that expensive foundation and apply it on your face it might either appear that you have considerably tanned overnight or gained an artificial pale glow which will only garner all the wrong attention.

3 makeup struggles

4. Moisturiser gone rogue

Finding the perfect face moisturiser is a lot like finding love. You have to believe that it exists out there and someday you’ll bump into each other and it’ll be love at first sight. What usually happens in life is that you settle for something which promises you the world but isn’t even good at that one job they are supposed to do - moisturise.

5. So much for contouring

Ah! The subtle art of making your face appear more shapely than it is. If you get it right, you look like a runway model, ready to take over the world. Otherwise, you just end up looking like a puffy, striped animal.

5 makeup struggles

6. Mascara it up

If you are apprehensive of letting anything pokey near your eyes, this is going to be so much fun. We have all had times, when out of sheer impatience, we have rammed the eyeliner brush straight in, and our eyes have instantly welled up because of the horror! Then the tears have ruined our eyeliner as well - so now we are left crying black tears, without any rhyme or reason.

7. Make or break

When your MAC eyeshadow palette falls from your hand and your favourite shades shatter into smithereens. Yeah, that was also the sound of your heart breaking. But you somehow manage to salvage a portion of it from the floor and continue dressing up as if nothing has happened.

7 makeup struggles

8. Confusing tutorials

You can spend the better half of your day, watching these and trying to apply a highlighter, but you still learn nothing. A stray thought lingers around - what if the tutorials are actually kinda great and you are just useless? Nope, that’s probably never the case.

9. Eyebrows done right

So your last threading session didn’t go all that well and you are determined to set it right - through makeup. But as is the knowledge among makeup aficionados - at least one brow will take it upon themselves to not cooperate, to be not set right. And girls know it best to just throw a towel on the problem and go about their day, unfazed.

9 makeup struggles

10. Removing it all

As if it was not enough that you had to spend ages getting every layer, every swish and flick right - now you have to sit and copiously remove it all. It is like pouring water on a painting. Also, do you wipe your face first or wash it first, what do you do if the waterproof liner and mascara refuse to part ways with your face? Yeah, you just sleep on it only to wake up with a nasty acne breakout. #ToughLife

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