Sexting Skills & 6 Other Funny Things A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You!

Sexting Skills & 6 Other Funny Things A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You!

If you’re in a long distance relationship long enough to laugh at the silly, hilarious things that happen when you two are away from each other, then this one’s for you. Not every couple passes the test of being in an LDR and what’s a relationship without those funny moments, anyway, right?

Here are 7 lessons an LDR can teach you.  

1. With Skype, comes patience!

Because who has a good internet speed, anyway?

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2. LDR teaches you amazing sexting skills!

You two sext because distance sucks and you can’t.

2 long distance relationship - patience sad girl

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3. You get time for yourself ‘cuz ain’t nobody taking you on a date!

While bae is away, you get time to focus on other things in your life.

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4. You learn to control your urges!

Because there are couples EVERYWHERE and you have to wait for months for your special one to get even a little bit of action.

4 long distance relationship - third wheel

5. Late night phone calls teach you better communication!

And how to pay those phone bills too. *Wink*

6. You learn to trust your boyfriend!

‘Cuz duh, you love him and you only trust the people you love, don’t you?

6 long distance relationship - trust is earned nina dobrev

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7. You learn to pamper yourself because there’s no one else to pamper you!

Want ice-cream? Go get it yourself. Want chocolates? Buy them for yourself. Want sex? F*** yourself.

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Images: Giphy, Tumblr