7 Last Minute Beauty Hacks That Every Bride Will Be Glad To Know!

7 Last Minute Beauty Hacks That Every Bride Will Be Glad To Know!

John Lennon was right, “Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans." And real life too, is full of surprises which definitely might not be very favourable, especially if they occur on your wedding day! A beauty mishap can happen anytime, and as a bride, you gotta be prepared. So we suggest you keep these last minute beauty hacks handy!

1. Pearly white smile

1 last minute beauty hacks

We don’t blame you if you sip on some extra espresso shots or wine in the days leading up to your wedding. But all of these heady concoctions can surely be terrible for your teeth. And if you have spotty teeth on your wedding day, then we don’t know what to say! Just kidding, we are here to help. Just mix in a pinch of baking soda with your toothpaste to completely banish all those spotty surprises. You can thank us later!

This toothpaste comes enriched with baking soda, perfect to maintain those sparkly pearly whites. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 114.

2. Say goodbye to puffy eyes

2 last minute beauty hacks

All the wedding prep and running around can surely take a toll on you. And we are sure you don’t want those sleepless nights to reflect on your face in the form of under eye bags! We suggest you try our secret cold spoon therapy. All you’ll have to do is ask your bridesmaid to store an emergency teaspoon in a freezer for approximately 5 minutes. Place the ice cold end of the spoon on the puffy area, and tada, you’ll be sorted.

This handy eye roll on from Garnier will surely keep puffy eyes at bay. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 199.

3. Lipstick as a concealer?

3 last minute beauty hacks

This may come across as a crazy beauty hack, but it really does work during those last minute moments! Just make sure you have a pink or even an orange coloured lipstick in your bridal SOS kit. Now excuse yourself for 5 minutes and gently dab a generous amount of either of the lipsticks on your under eye area to hide those stubborn dark circles. Make sure you dab some loose powder after, to avoid it from creasing.

This Gala of London lipstick in Orange Delight can be quite a steal to fix all your dark circles and as a summer essential too! Get it on Nykaa for Rs 180.

4. The blendable goodness

4 last minute beauty hacks

Whether you want to tone down your blush or just want to mattify your face, without looking like a powdered cake, a loose powder is always handy. Just a tiny amount would do the trick. Oh, and also make sure it is a flash-friendly one to avoid any disappointments later! Try it on and click a few pictures under a harsh light before you step out.

This Coloressence loose powder will make sure your makeup lasts long all day, everyday. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 350.

5. Long lasting perfume

5 last minute beauty hacks

Even if you invest in a great perfume, the chances of it lasting for more than 5 hours (in all that bridal finery) is kind of impossible. And as a bride, we are sure you want to not only look good  but also smell great! At such times, the humble petroleum jelly can be your saviour. Just apply a generous amount on your pulse points (wrist, back of your knee, behind your ears, décolletage) before you spray your perfume. We bet, your perfume will last all evening!

Smell fresh all day with the Davidoff Cool Waters Perfume. Buy it now on Nykaa for just Rs 3,800.

6. Bronze your way out!

6 last minute beauty hacks

We are sure you have hired a great makeup artist for your wedding day. But sometimes, the end result can be different from your expectations. And if you want to take it upon yourself, in solving the damage of an overly bright foundation or cakey makeup base, then bronzer is the way to go. Dust a little bronzer all over your face if you think the foundation shade is too light. It can also serve as a great soft contour, if you think your makeup is too flat.

Want that Kim Kardashian glow? How about using her favourite bronzer then? Shop the Smashbox Halo Bronze Lights Bronzer from Nykaa for Rs 2,650.

7. Lock them flyaways with hand cream

7 last minute beauty hacks

Flyaways can be a pain! They are somewhat like an uninvited guest who end up out of nowhere! Humidity and heat is also to be blamed. However, if you happen to face them on your wedding day, and are out of hair spray, a gentle amount of hand cream will help. We bet, they’ll be gone in no time.

A hand cream that smells like caramel, why not? Order it on Nykaa for Rs 509.

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