16 Cheeky Replies To The ‘When Is The Wedding’ Question

16 Cheeky Replies To The ‘When Is The Wedding’ Question

As a 20-something woman in India, you do get tired of being asked the same bloody question all the time, ‘When Is The Wedding?’ It never seizes to get any less annoying, because how is it anyone else’s business really? But, the next time someone takes a jab at your love life with the when is the wedding question, we’ve got some killer responses for you to call them out with. You can thank us later!

1. But why do you ask? You are not gonna propose now, are you?

Your response is surely gonna catch the person off-guard.

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2. Sweetie, I got married a while ago

Oops, did I forget to invite you?

3. Don’t you have your own kids to worry about?

*talk to the hand*

4. How about, it is none of your business?

Just a simple ‘NO’ does wonders in our opinion.

4 when is the wedding question - brittney spears none of your business

5. Aajkal acche ladke milte kaha hai! Do you have anyone in mind?

Put the blame on them!

6. When the Sun rises from the West and sets in the East and the oceans run dry…

Thank you Game of Thrones!

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7. I ask myself the same question every day, except there is one little problem, I need a groom

Technical problem Mr. Raichand #K3G

8. I haven’t figured how to swipe right.

Now, you didn’t see that coming, did you?

8 when is the wedding question - girl winking

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9. If I had a penny for every time someone asked me that question, I would be a billionaire by now!

I mean, shut up already!

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10. Maybe I’ll get the time to plan one when you stop asking inappropriate questions


11. I am still waiting for Ryan Reynolds to RT me

I can already hear the wedding bells ringing!!

12. Arrey Aunty, I am more of a live-in relationship kinda person

*All the single ladies* plays in the background

12 when is the wedding question - selena gomez laughing

13. Bas ab toh sab bhagwaan ke upar chhor diya hai

*Go all over-the-top dramatic*

14. Well, first you’d have to make room in my doorway, cause’ you’re blocking my Prince Charming

Woh ayega, woh zaroor ayega…

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15. Not anytime soon, because my choices in men are crazy and crooked as Taylor Swift

But what the hell, I am still a popstar, just like her!

16. Someone, please help me find my invisibility cloak

*Desperately starts rummaging through her backpack*

16 when is the wedding question - invisibility cloak harry potter

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