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These Twin Sisters Will Make You Go ‘Aww’ With Their Adorable Videos!

Akanksha Bhatia

Lifestyle Writer

There isn’t a single person on social media who hasn’t yet fallen in love with Katie Stauffer's twins! The two-year-olds are the queens of sass with a natural knack for the camera. Katie’s photography skills are put to good use with dramatic daughters and there is never a dull moment with them.

Her website overourwall.com sheds light on her other creative endeavours, but she enjoys her fame from Instagram with over 2 million followers and growing! Thanks to Mila and Emma and their natural cuteness & honest brutalness, Katie’s YouTube channel became an overnight success. We handpicked the best videos of the twins, for your daily dose of Awww-ness!

1. Mila’s Imaginary Boyfriend, Sawyer, Is Always Doing The Wrong Thing…


Mila discovers the reality of football season 🏈😩

A post shared by Katie (@kcstauffer) on

Is your boyfriend no different? Get him a copy of Dominating The Fantasy Football Snake Draft by J. R. Rowlands (Rs 191) so there is never a next time.

2. But We Do Get To See Sawyer’s Side Of The Story Too!

3. Legit Every Sleepover EVER!

4. Mila Is Definitely Not Cut Out For Comforting…  


I don't think Mila is ready to be a therapist anytime soon...😧 🎥 by @kaitsta

A post shared by Katie (@kcstauffer) on

Need some comforting yourself? Buy The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (Rs 479) for some self-help tips. Or just invest in Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness for Dummies by Joelle Jane Marshall (Rs 119).

5. “The Teacher Is Shady!”


Mila's not really impressed with preschool...🤷🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🏫 🎥by @kaitsta

A post shared by Katie (@kcstauffer) on

Voted one of the top 6 books to be read by law students, if you want to go to law school like Mila buy your copy of Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas J McBride (Rs 4,602) here.

6. Emma Is In Love With Justin Bieber And Mila Does Not Approve!

Here is a set of merchandise (Rs 389) for that Emma-like Justin Bieber Fan!

7. I Need Some Career Advice From The Twins!


2 years old...almost potty trained...time to discuss career options. 🎥 by @kaitsta

A post shared by Katie (@kcstauffer) on

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Published on Sep 24, 2017
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